May 28, 2007

New Examination of Purpose Driven

To All:

The thread that followed my article YOUR FIRST STEP WON'T BE YOUR LAST at Sharper Iron (a pseudo- fundamentalist blog) has closed, reaching its 20 page limit.

I am developing a new article that takes a deeper, thoroughly documented, look into the extreme ecumenical compromise of Rick Warren in particular, and his Purpose Driven movement. I am undecided about where I will post it, but I will continue to develop it over the next few months.

In the meantime, as you visit my site, be sure to surf the Archives and Labels sections. The Lordship controversy is not going to go away. I want Bible believing Christians to know and understand what the errors in Lordship theology are.

Much of what you read from pro-lordhip advocates is sound. The extreme errors, however, in their interpretation of the gospel are there, but you must read with discernment to find them.

I am hopeful that this site and my book will serve to alert and awaken Christians:

• To evaluate Lordship Salvation as a false gospel.
• To recognize Lordship Salvation and avoid being influenced by men who promote it.
• To instruct other believers so that they will guard themselves against being lead to embrace Lordship theology.
• To biblically answer this works-oriented teaching by marking and avoiding (Romans 16:17) those who hold to and promote it.


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