May 16, 2007

Recommendation by Dr. Lance Ketchum

To All:

I want to share with you what Dr. Lance Ketchum posted at Sharper Iron yesterday.

There is only one thing better than a book that states the obvious and that is a book that does so redundantly. Brother Martuneac’s book In Defense of the Gospel redundantly deals with the falsehood of Lordship Salvation. He confronts the issue at a level that can easily be understood by almost anyone. I recommend purchasing a copy.
I expressed my appreciation to Dr. Ketchum this way.

Dr. Ketchum:

Thanks for the kind remarks about my book In Defense of the Gospel: Biblical Answers to Lordship Salvation.

Some may not appreciate redundancy, but I wanted to make sure that, over the course of the book, the doctrinal problems with Lordship Salvation (LS) would not be missed.

You also noted something that was my intent from the inception of the project: To write so that anyone could understand what I had to say.

Lordship Salvation is often introduced in such a way that the errors are difficult for some to detect. If all one knows is that Lordship Salvation is responding to the Easy-Believism and Mental Assent Only positions (which are equally wrong) they might accept (LS) without first investigating it thoroughly. My hope is that by reading In Defense of the Gospel folks will:

*More easily recognize LS when they encounter it
*Recognize what is wrong with LS and why it is wrong
*Ultimately be able to refute LS in their own circles

Years ago I heard Dr. J. Vernon McGee on his radio program say something that stuck with me. In your mind imagine his Texas drawl.
Now the Lord said, ‘Feed My sheep.’ He did not say, ‘Feed my giraffes.’ So, I like to get the teaching down good and low where the sheep can get at it.”
May I say to you: I like that, I write like that.


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