May 24, 2007

The Sharper Iron Article

To All:

Thanks for visiting my site here. Some of you are first time visitors, and I am pleased to welcome you. "If you will take time fill out a visitor's card so that we have a record of your visit..." Oh, wait, this is not Sunday. :)

Anyway, I wrote the article for Sharper Iron (SI) a pseudo- fundamentalist blog. Your First Step Won't be Your Last. My interaction at SI in the Church Growth Movement thread prompted one of the SI administrators to ask me to write an article on the CGM issue.

I sincerely tried to be a blessing and encouragement in what I wrote. I was careful to avoid the frothy rhetoric that often enters the discussion of Church Growth/Seeker and Emergent movements. The articles below, however, have a little more teeth to them. You can say/write hard things charitably.

Please feel free to interact with others and me here. My blog is (for the moment) open to anonymous posters, but I would like to get you know you on a personal basis.

Maybe some of you can suggest other themes you would like for me to write about, address and discuss with you here. This site is primarily for the Lordship Salvation discussion, but I am open and in the mood to expand.

I am not a gifted theologian, but I do look at doctrine and issues with any eye and heart to write in such a way that most will understand and receive a blessing.

Feel free to post here or contact me by e-mail, which you can do by clicking on the E-Mail Me link under From The Author that is directly under the cover of my book.

By the way, last week I contacted the Saddleback church, and asked in a non-threatening way, if I might have an opportunity to speak with Pastor Rick Warren. A staff member took a message from me for Pastor Warren. A secretary to the senior pastoral staff called on Monday and gave me Pastor Rick Warren’s contact details. She said because of his schedule it would be two to three weeks before Pastor Warren would be able to get back to me.

Once I make contact and receive a reply I will report back, but only what I am given liberty to share. I am not going to ambush or compromise him or anyone else.

Thanks again for visiting.

Yours in His service,

Lou Martuneac

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  1. Just wondering if you have heard back from Mr. Warren and what you are at liberty to report.