May 26, 2007

Holiday Weekend

Hi Folks:

Since I added the GlobeTrackr feature it has been a blessing to see just where many of my guests are visiting from. I like to take your city, state/country and MapQuest it. It is fun to see how diverse the locations are. Google Earth is fun too!

For those of you living near any of the Rocky Mountain ski resorts; I am available for itinerant high altitude, steep vertical drop ministry during peak ski season. Ski In / Ski Out accommodations are preferable. My skiing motto is: “If it's too steep, then you’re too old.”

So, what are you doing this holiday weekend? I have to work today (Saturday), but off Sunday and Monday. My family plans include: Church on Sunday, Golf on Monday. Both days we will grill delicacies such as: Hamburgers, brats, steak and sword fish.

On Thursday I played paintball with my two older sons (16 & 14). A bunch of their classmates, some dads, and a youth pastor were in on it. About 24 guys in all, and did we ever have fun. Temps were in the upper 80’s and very windy. Four different kinds of fields and scenarios. Some of the guys on the opposing team got a little nervous when they saw my team fixing bayonets. ;-)

Well, you all have a fun and safe holiday weekend.

Yours faithfully,


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