December 11, 2014

We’re Not Convinced Kevin Bauder is a Help to Fundamentalism

Kevin [Bauder] has been quite lavish in his praise of conservative evangelicals while castigating so-called fundamentalists. Yet he has spent very little time warning us about the pitfalls and problems of conservative evangelicalism…. What I fear is that we may be allowing a Trojan horse into the fundamentalist camp. And after a while, if we keep going down this track, any significant difference between conservative evangelical and the fundamentalist institutions may disappear.”1
Recently, I read the December 2, 2014 article at the FBFI’s Proclaim & Defend blog.  I refer to Pastor Matt Recker’s article Gratefulness for Kevin Bauder.2 What follows is a compilation of a discussion between several men and I who are within the membership of, familiar with and concerned about the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International (FBFI’s) accommodation of Dr. Kevin Bauder.

The on-going pattern with Kevin Bauder has been an attitude more than willing to slam those who are “friends in the movement,” while making sure we are more than careful about what we say with regard to those who are not in our movement – especially if they are Calvinists and/or in the so-called “conservative” evangelical camp.

We understand Matt is acknowledging Kevin Bauders tenor as he (KB) expressed his differences with Matt, and I trust that this is the only reason for this charitableness toward Kevin. Matt took some heat at the pseudo- fundamentalist Sharper Iron over it, and handled himself well commenting there.  While we appreciate Matt Recker’s gracious spirit, we are certainly not convinced that Kevin Bauder’s style is a help to fundamentalism.

There are some within the FBFI who are looking for ways to reach the younger set who have departed the FBFI.  Kevin Bauder certainly has been catering to that crowd.  Others believe it is best to move on for the cause of Christ. Society seems to repeat this idea that we must cater to the younger generation that goes through a rebellious stage, and somehow accommodate their rebellion as something normal and acceptable. This is being carried over into the religious realm, specifically, fundamentalism with the attitude of the younger generation. IMO, it has been better for the angry young people to move away than remain among us. Those unwilling to appreciate, and to instead besmirch current and/or former generations of fundamentalists upon whose shoulders we stand, don’t deserve accommodation.

If the younger set is willing to reconsider their attitudes, in some cases repent of their vitriol toward the FBFI, its leadership from past generations,3 they would likely be warmly received in fellowship for the cause of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If not, no thank you, we don’t need them in their current state of mind and attachment to the non-separatist evangelicals whom Kevin Bauder frequently and warmly heaps “lavish praise” upon.
There is a new wave of New Evangelicalism sweeping through the NT church. From within fundamental circles Kevin Bauder has been the new wave of Evangelicalism’s chief apologist. 
Dr. Kevin Bauder has influenced anger and resentment of the younger generation of preachers toward Fundamentalism.  He has, furthermore, encouraged their movement toward the spiritual dangers of the new wave New Evangelicalism.4 When these, from the upcoming generation, finally land in the New Evangelicalism of John Piper, and/or Al Mohler (some have already done so) we need look no further than Kevin Bauder who, from within fundamentalism, was given free rein to aggressively influence them in that direction.  


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1) Dr. Gerald Priest: Can We Be Even Clearer? (Let’s Get Clear on This, SI: March 8, 2010)
Since 2010 have we seen, “any significant difference between conservative evangelical and the fundamentalist institutions…disappear?” Of course, and we need look no further than the former Northland Baptist Bible College and Calvary Baptist Seminary (Lansdale) to see what the deadening effects that the Trojan Horse of so-called “conservative” evangelicalism has done to once formerly thriving fundamentalist schools. See,

3) We must never forget that in 2009 it was Kevin Bauder, from his blog and SI, who initiated a series of unprovoked written attacks on the person and legacies of Drs. Bob Jones, Jr., and John R. Rice. See,

Again, [we are] very disappointed at the language Bauder uses against his fellow fundamentalists, evidently chiefly against Rice: ‘pugilistic and bellicose,’ ‘alpha males,’ ‘the big boys,’ ‘bullies,’ ‘chieftains,’ etc. Is this the kind of language a fundamentalist leader should use?”
4) Dr. Dave Doran has been a vocal influence, but to a lesser extent in recent months. In regard to the star personalities of the so-called “conservative” evangelicalism both Drs. Doran and Bauder have for years been willing to tolerate, allow for, ignore and excuse all sorts of aberrant theology, ecumenical compromise, cultural relativism and worldliness.

December 9, 2014

Archival Series: Kevin Bauder, “Hauling Out the Trash” in Your Own Home, First!

In recent days [Feb. 2013] we have been working our way through a critical review of Dr. Kevin Bauder’s Open Letter to Lance Ketchum.  Just before we tie off the Kevin Bauder, Al Mohler and Manhattan Declaration issue we are going to take another look at a comment made by Kevin Bauder in the discussion thread under his Open Letter at Sharper Iron.

In our previous article we noted that Dr. Kevin Bauder stated there is a,
Duty to clean up the FBFI,”
 and that he (Kevin Bauder) is “the last and best hope for old Fundamentalist institutions like the FBFI?”1
Returning to Kevin Bauder’s comment he continued with,
“…because it [FBFI] is my home, I have a duty to take responsibility for cleaning it up… But you can’t clean up without occasionally hauling out the trash.”2
Kevin wants to clean up and haul the trash out for the FBFI. Kevin presumes to have a mandate, decreed by none, to clean up the FBFI. Instead, he should begin with a serious assessment of what has become of Central Baptist Theological Seminary (CBTS) while and since he was its president.  Whoever and whatever policies that authorized, supported and participated in Central Seminary’s official participation at John Piper’s Desiring God conference would be a good place to begin.3  

John Piper believes and teaches that the 1st century miraculous sign gifts (the modern Charismatic movement) are active and should be sought after today.  John Piper eagerly promotes and ministers alongside Rick Warren and Mark Driscoll.  His cooperative ministry gives credibility to their aberrant theologies, ecumenism and contemporary ministry practices. With CBTS active in Piper’s conference they are now lend tacit endorsement to Piper’s theology, associations with Warren and Driscoll and the worldly methods of ministry of all three.

Now, consider this: Kevin recently applauded his alma mater, Faith Baptist Bible College (FBBC), for removing Saylorville Church (formerly Baptist) from their approved list. Students can no longer attend there. He titled the article “A Tale of 2 Colleges.” Here’s the irony – he applauds FBBC while his own seminary is displaying as an official vendor at Piper’s Desiring God.

Kevin Bauder establishes himself as a critic who will not accept proper partnership in order to responsibly deal with issues. His public criticism of the “place he belongs,” is like the husband or wife who likes to criticize their family while with strangers – public criticism of one’s family is typically considered unkind and unethical – especially if one is not invested in the family.

Open Commentary to Kevin Bauder:
Kevin: You were CBTS president for seven years.  You are a remaining member of Central Seminary’s dwindling faculty. Do your duty where you are!  Take some responsibility for hauling out the trash where you find it in your own home (CBTS).  In light of CBTS’s partnership with John Piper’s ministry you have a big job ahead of you. Begin with cleaning up the home that bears the marks of your presidency. Do the work in your own home before you presume to clean up another’s (FBFI) house where you are merely a dues paying guest.


Originally published Feb. 11, 2013.

1) Dr. Kevin Bauder at Sharper Iron, February 2, 2013.
SI is a pseudo-fundamentalist site.  In its years of existence SI has never posted any main page article that is thoroughly positive toward Fundamentalism and uplifting for fundamentalists.  See, SI May Fit the Description of Being 'PSEUDO-FUNDAMENTALIST’.
2) Ibid.

Dr. Sam Horn is the current president of CBTS. In the current President’s Corner newsletter he wrote, “For us [CBTS], the road ahead involves a renewed dedication to the original vision and mission of our seminary.” The original vision and mission of Central Seminary never included participating in conferences to hobnob with New Evangelical non-separatists; Charismatics and ecumenical compromisers, such as you have with John Piper.