June 9, 2007

Where Have I Been With Hodges?

To All:

Since last evening I have been mulling over an idea. This evening I want to briefly announce that I am preparing a new article.

The June 7th article below titled The Teachings of Zane Hodges is the first time I can recall posting anything more than a brief mention of my cause for concern with some of Hodges' teachings.

I think it might be helpful for me to share some recollections, from up to 19 years ago, on two issues related to my involvement in the Lordship Salvation controversy. Some of that history is in my book, but I am going to expand those brief notes here. It will be a two-part installment.

One of the two subjects will be in regard to how I was drawn into the Lordship Salvation controversy specifically. The second subject will be a recounting of my first look at the doctrine of Zane Hodges. I will share why I did not quote him in my book, and why I did not pursue at length the concerns I have with some of his teachings.

That gives a general idea of what is coming.

In the meantime I encourage you to read Brother George Zeller's The Teachings of Zane Hodges. Zeller is charitable in his remarks, but he does document areas of serious concern many men have with portions of Hodges' theology.


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