June 20, 2007

Salvation & Discipleship Discussion

To All:

There is a discussion on at the pseudo-fundamentalist Sharper Iron blog that I am moderately involved in. The thread is titled Salvation/Discipleship Poll.

I entered the discussion at page four, post #24.

As many of you are aware one of the greatest errors in Lordship theology is the confusing and/or blending of salvation and discipleship. In October 2006 at the height of my on-line debates with Nathan Busenitz at Pulpit Magazine I wrote an article for my blog titled, John MacArthur's Discipleship Gospel.

You may find this article helpful in defining the salvation/discipleship debate. I invite you to read through the thread at Sharper Iron.



  1. Hey Lou,

    I tried to register on the Sharper Iron site, but they denied me. I asked them to tell me why and they still haven't written back.

    Some Christians they are!


  2. Antonio:

    Not sure why you were denied you.

    Did you write an administrator? Try Dan Miller.


  3. UPDATE: Antonio was briefly given permission to post at SI.

    Once Antonio began posting they banned him in short order.

    They found out very quickly that Antonio is an advocate of the GES reductionist assaults on the content of saving faith.

    That he stands in open contempt of the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement.

    And his notorious (predictable) vitriol (that gets him banned and censored at many blogs) poured out almost immediately in his comments.