June 19, 2007

The GES Responds to Hodges

To All:

A friend directed me to an article titled A Response to Hodges: How To Lead A Person To Christ, Parts 1 and 2. It is written by Pastor Gregory P. Sapaugh. The article opens this way,

"I appreciate the opportunity given by Grace Evangelical Society to respond to the articles by Zane C. Hodges, How to Lead a Person to Christ.... While my admiration and appreciation for Mr. Hodges is of the highest order, I nevertheless feel constrained to reply to these articles, which I feel contain some issues that need to be addressed. Hopefully, this dialogue will lead to a greater understanding of the gospel, which we both hold so dear."

May I also add that I too appreciate many of the helpful contributions Hodges has made to the Lordship debate. There are, however, some polarizing statements and positions by Hodges, such as the kind Pastor Sapaugh identifes, that leave many disappointed and frustrated.

Later I will come back with what shoud be a summation.

God bless you,


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