April 4, 2013

The Real “Unchanged” NIU Comes Forward

At the outset of this new article on Northland International University (NIU) let me be clear that concerns expressed here and elsewhere over the new ways of doing music at NIU is not the only concern.  For many it is not even the greatest concern. I have documented how Dr. Matt Olson has also taken NIU into violating its own published Articles of Faith and Handbooks on doctrinal issues, which does IMO include our music. See links below.

Today, I will leave it to this NIU promotional video to speak volumes.

The singers are being recorded in the basement of the Jacquot Educational Building, which houses the library, several classrooms, and the recording studio. Merideth Sullivan is the daughter of Peter Sullivan, hired the fall of 2010. Also in the video are Pete and Lisa Wehrey (former Dean of women), Matt Olson, the Sullivans (Merideth’s parents), Mike and Sandy Glanzer (Admissions), Antone Goyak (VP for Academics), Kevin and Laurie Priest (Registrar; daughter of Ken Hay). This is an advertisement for a new Northland group “available to schools and youth groups across the mid-west.”

With this video and accompanying pages at NIU’s web site (see link below) the downward spiral of compromise of a once fine school continues. For some NIU has hit bottom. It’s one thing (not a good thing) for NIU to be participating in CCM/Rock concerts, which I have documented. It is quite another to have officially brought the CCM/Rock genre to the campus itself.

The real Northland, Matt Olson’s “unchanged” Northland is now fully out of the closet by their own doing.  Now, go to the Redeemed page at NIU’s website for further details.


Here are pictures of NIU’s Redeemed at Cup of JoyCup of Joy is place to be where the more liberal kids from Northland would go to get there CCM culture fix. It was at one time off-limits, but obviously not anymore. See, Cup of Joy Website

Site Publisher Comment:
Posting any You Tube video runs the risk of being linked to other videos, some of which might be offensive.  I will monitor this. Furthermore, if the Redeemed video happens to go missing, I suspect that the NIU website pages promoting Redeemed will have to go away as well.

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  1. Wow!... Entertainment Gospel. As an alumni, I am sickened

  2. FWIW, I've downloaded it as an mp4 in case it mysteriously disappears like the Big Daddy Weave concert images.

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  4. Lou, I had linked to as an addendum on my recent article as well. What is so very telling is the itinerary for this band, this band was a part of the "Redeemed Tour" of Big Daddy Weave back on Feb. 1 in Wausau and Feb. 2 in Oshkosh. The Feb. 2 event is what caused the initial stir on the internet and the subsequent, "We were there recruiting students" comment. No, NIU was an active participant in the event not a vendor. Continue to look at the itinerary, there is not one fundamental church that the band is attending. NIU is attempting to create an evangelical clientele base in WI. It seems a bit obvious that the fundamental Baptist churches in WI have, for the most part, distanced themselves from NIU. If you notice, the band seems to be playing once a month at Oshkosh Community Church. Is this a new "anchor" church in WI for NIU?

  5. I am an alumnus who was at Northland when Dr Olson first came. Northland was a wonderful place where I grew spiritually and I am very thankful for what God did and is still doing. However ;in a matter of a few years I literally saw with my own eyes and heard with my ears a change. I saw families hurt. (Not just music in music) My heart breaks for those who have been lied to in multiple ways. It is hard for me to be proud of this part of my heritage. I personally think that it is obvious, Northland already changed. I regret the question I am asked..."where did you go to college?": because I know I have a lot of explaining to do!

  6. "Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set."
    Proverbs 22:28

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