April 7, 2013

May we “Be Always Full of Grace, Seasoned with Salt.”

Many things have been said about me in recent days.  Some of the worst have been retracted, and I am very thankful for the integrity that was shown in that.

The Bible says of erring believers, from whom we must separate, that we are to “count him not as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother,” (2 Thess. 3:15).  The Bible says, “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt…,” (Col. 4:6). When I can see I have spoken outside that principle I have done my best to retract, revise or apologize, but undoubtedly, like everyone else, I have blind spots, and I apologize now for those, too.  Nevertheless, I’ve never said that those who disagreed with me are like Fred Phelps,* or worse.  They are not.  I believe they are brothers who are in error.

I have warned that things were changing at Northland.  Many people rejected that, some ignored, others complained.  The last three years have been personally difficult for me, but I take little joy in the fact that Northland’s changes are now so obvious.  Some who criticized me for warning about it now recognize that things are changing.  I am glad they see it now, but saddened the changes have gone so far.

May everyone one of us, who knows Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord let our, “conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt…,” (Col. 4:6).

Yours faithfully,


*Fred Phelps, Westboro Baptist Church

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“Other Christians, even when we disagree with them, even when we are convinced they are sinning, are not Nazis.  They should not be compared to Nazis.  The Nazis were racists, mass murderers, rapists, etc.  They gassed thousands of people a day.  I’ve seen Christians compared to Nazis by other Christians on more than one forum.  It is astounding.  Jews find it offensive for obvious reasons.  Our rhetoric is below Biblical standards — below pagan standards, for many unbelievers recognise it as inappropriate...!  Other Christians are not like Fred Phelps…My brother may be very wrong, but he is not like Fred Phelps.


  1. The following is sent to me via email from a foreign country. The sender is unable to post into the thread himself due to some in-country Internet issues. He asked me to post on his behalf. He opens with "Gracias."

    Brother Lou,

    I read your post today, as well as the one you linked to about treating brothers as just that. I appreciated the timely post.

    I also noticed your line about things being personally difficult for the last three years. That prompted me to write. Although this is brief, I wanted to say a sincere thank you for your work. You have been a great blessing to me personally because you have carried the banner so that others would not have to. I cannot tell you how many times I have been in conversations with pastors and parents of college-age students dealing with their questions and have been able to refer them to your site. Your work has made it possible for me (and I'm sure others besides me) to carry on the work of the ministry without distraction and without the name-calling and black-balling that so often happens when you stick your neck out like you have.

    Like you, I do not rejoice in the happenings at Northland. I, like many pastors, have given them the benefit of the doubt so many times since the name change! As an alumnus, I've longed for them to change course. But I believe that, on a human level, thanks to you we have made it much more difficult and now virtually impossible for Northland leadership to carry out a mass deception on countless churches, families, and pastors. They did some damage, fooled some people, and got away with some things. But how much worse would it have been if not for the consistent and fact-based light shined on what they were doing? We will not know.

    Thank you for your work and your patience. I have noticed when you have discovered any wrong data in your posts, you have immediately corrected it and even footnoted your correction. I appreciate that. Be encouraged! Because of your work, our own ministry at the very least has been able to continue without having to bear the uncomfortable burden you have borne over the past few years. You have taken arrows for us in the trenches and barracks, striving to be faithful. Even while some of our "commanding officers" have taken shots at their own soldiers for merely asking for the truth.

    With sincere appreciation,

    a fellow brother

  2. Lou,

    I appreciate your efforts as well. You put yourself out there to stand for certain truths. Doing so sometimes irks people but I think much of what is said here is for the greater good. I think far too many people have taken hold of the wisdom of man both in doctrine and in practice and have left the simple truths of the Bible for too long. It is time we re-evaluate where we stand on things going forward. Even if we disagree at points with our brothers at least maybe we can keep things to the issues and not get personal. Thanks for the work that you do.

    Jim F