August 18, 2011

Sharper Iron: In the Iron Skillet

After over three years of active participation at Sharper Iron (SI) on the morning of June 8, 2009 I resigned my membership from the site. From this blog (IDOTG) I announced publicly that I dropped my membership at SI.1 I also notified the SI leadership in SI threads, via e-mails and private messages that I was quitting SI with immediate effect. Shortly after resigning from SI I opened a new blog titled, Sharper Iron: In the Iron Skillet. Since its opening there have been about 15 articles posted in the Iron Skillet on well known disconcerting issues and practices at the SI site.

In a brand new series of articles in the Iron Skillet we have been demonstrating that SI, contrary to its claims, does NOT exist on behalf of or for the advancement of authentic Fundamentalism. Instead SI (the majority of its leadership) has primarily operated the site and directed their personal efforts to the advancement of so-called “conservative” evangelicalism.

In a series of new comments at SI one poster named DonP is insisting that authentic, historic fundamentalism is embodied in the current day so-called “conservative” evangelical movement. If that is true then we are to accept that John Piper’s embrace of Rick Warren and Al Mohler signing the Manhattan Declaration exemplify what contemporary fundamentalism has become. SI has, furthermore, begun to allow for elements of “New” evangelical thinking to be voiced from its front page. (See the controversial article from August 5, Church Planting Thirty Years Later by Pastor Steve Davis.)

“Now, Steve’s [Davis] view of the creation account is a lesser issue, but with the same approach. If the Genesis literal day creation is valid, but also other views are also valid, then that’s also OK if God will accept that. The problem is He won’t. He [God] doesn’t intend to teach both. He wrote a clear account as part of a historical statement and expects us to accept it. Or was God having fun and being unclear and expecting us to have fun guessing as to what He really meant…. New alternate theories are now set forth. Creation science is advocated by scientists with highly regarded credentials. On this one issue alone Steve advocates theory, approach and doubt, that is an unacceptable compromise of scripture.”
Allow me to direct your attention to the complete article in the Iron Skillet. Please continue to,

SI and New Evangelical Reasoning Once you finish the article please pay special attention to my concluding comments. Additional articles from the Iron Skillet blog include:


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In September 2010 I published Sharper Iron Sizzles In and Over the Iron Skillet. I heartily recommend it as further reading on the issues with and at SI.

1) Cancelled My Membership at SI

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