February 29, 2008

I’ve Been Promoted: New Adjunct Contributor

Dear Guests:

I have some exciting news! Antonio da Rosa (aka Sock Puppet: fg me) posted one of my recent e-mails to him at Unashamed of Grace.* I’ll drop a copy in the thread below.

Here is the exciting part, In his article Antonio made this PROMISE in regard to any e-mail I would send him, I will post every one he sends me from this day forward.” He promised to, with any e-mail I send him, publish it at his group blog Unashamed. I'm delighted to report that he immediately published the first of what I anticipate being many more to follow.

Since Antonio is going to be posting my e-mails I want to express my personal thanks to him for adding me as a new adjunct contributor at Unashamed of Grace. Antonio will, of course, be making some space for my personal biography, photo and link to my blog, later today I will send these to him. Well, maybe not the photo, I may not be the most edifying spectacle.

Last night I sent him one of my first e-mails where I tried to help him get past his Sock Puppet episode at my blog. He has not posted it yet, but I trust he will shortly. I trust Unashamed readers will appreciate the time, tone and biblical approach I took to help him. If the delay in posting is due my e-mail needing some minor edits for style or grammar, I informed Antonio I’d be happy to do so for him.

In the meantime, I will prepare some articles that discuss The Tragedy of the Zane Hodges Crossless Gospel for posting at Unashamed.

Exciting days ahead!**


*Unashamed of Grace is a group blog where each of its five contributors are dedicated to the propagation of the Crossless gospel.

With the recent departure of David Wyatt from Unashamed, there remains just four contributing members who are propagating the Crossless gospel. They are Antonio da Rosa (aka Sock Puppet: fg me), Rose (of Rose’s Reasonings), Matthew and HK Flynn.

**This was fun!


  1. Antonio:

    In regard to your Sock Puppet play as fg me- you did it, tried to cover it up and are living a lie about it.

    I'll let the Scriptures do their convicting work. “If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me,” (Ps. 66:18). As long as you keep up this lie your prayers are hindered.

    Furthermore, and I know you have seen this, anytime I reference you at any blog I am going to reference you this way? “Antonio da Rosa (aka Sock Puppet: fg me).” And with a link to my Sock Puppet article.

    I am always quick to forgive and have long since forgiven you for posing as fg me. You have, however, continued to behave in a childish, sinful way by evading your bad behavior.

    Once you do the mature thing by acknowledging what you did and apologize without excuse or qualification I will cease tagging your name and linking to your Sock Puppet: fg me. This is going to follow you just like your plagiarism episode did last year.


    PS: This is how Rachel charged you at the end of your charade.

    Even when we asked if FG Me was you and gave you the chance to come clean, you dodged and avoided the question, using vague terms that gave the appearance of denial that you were FG Me, but didn't really answer the question. Then when Lou asked you directly, you played the coward and ran away.

    I challenge you to post the truth about what happened here. Admit to being FG Me and admit to trying to hide that fact. Acknowledge your deception and apologize for it, no excuses. Stop acting childish and do the mature thing - own up to what you've done. This is the only right thing to do.

  2. Dear Guests:

    If anyone would like a copy of the e-mail sent to Antonio prior to the one above, let me know via e-mail and I will forward a copy to you.

    It is not uncommon for Antonio to revise, twist and repost guest comments and then attack the comment he revised. Antonio did that to KnetKnight and was caught red-handed, which is another episode, to my knowledge, he never apologized for.

    Having an advance copy of my e-mail will help keep Antonio honest once he posts it at Unashamed.


  3. Anyway, I wrote the article to have some fun. At Unashamed Antonio did promise to post all my e-mails.

    We'll see if he keeps his promise.


  4. Dear Guests:

    I’m sorry to report that I have filed a complaint with my Unashamed blog administrator Antonio.

    This morning I hoped to see that he posted my second heart felt e-mail, which I referenced above. Instead a new article by Rose was posted.

    I was naturally disappointed, not with her article being posted, but I was bumped without explanation. I’m sure you can understand how hurt I feel. Just having been made an adjunct contributor and then brushed aside like an old rag. Lord willing and after years of counseling my self-esteem may be restored.

    Here is a carbon of my formal complain to Antonio:

    Hey! Why did Rose get her Repentance article posted at Unashamed before you posted my second e-mail? I was first, play fair, after all I am the new adjunct contributor and I have alot to contribute.



  5. Hey, congratulations on your promotion! I'm glad to see you and Antonio beginning to work things out. I'm hopeful you'll get your editorial issues worked out, he probably just didn't expect new material from you so soon.


  6. Mr. Knet:

    Thanks for the kind remarks. I am very excited about our new joint-venture, but it seems he is a little slow about holding up his end of the agreement. I trust this is just a minor logistics issue that he'll sort our very soon.

    BTW, those were your comment that Antonio edited and then reposted to attacked them, weren't they?


  7. This is great news! Antonio is probably just trying to work out some formatting issues with your emails. And maybe he just wants to space them out a bit, give people time to digest all your words. I'll bet they'll be posted in no time!

    Don't feel too bad about being "bumped" so soon. Antonio is a couple hours behind us, maybe he was still sleeping or eating breakfast when Rose snuck her article in.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the fruits of this new partnership!

  8. Rachel:

    Thanks for the kind words. I forgot about the two hour time difference. That would explain my being, bumped.

    I feel better about myself now and will look forward to Antonio posting my e-mail and articles.


  9. Dear Guests:

    Rose (of Rose’s Reasonings) is one of the contributors at the Unashamed, blog which is a blog dedicated to propagating the false interpretation of the gospel originated by Zane Hodges.

    Rose informed that she is not in favor of my posting the opposing view at Unashamed. She said I have to remained separated from her and her Crossless gospel partners at Unashamed.

    I replied to Rose that while I'm shocked and saddened, since Antonio is the head of her cooperative blog, shouldn't he be telling me he does not want to post any of my e-mails there?

    I also told Rose I was pleased to see her being more transparent about her enthusiastic support for, and cooperative efforts with the teachers of the Crossless gospel.

    I think my adjunct promotion may have been rescinded.



  10. Lou, I noticed that Ant has disabled comment posting on that particular post, maybe he didn't want to open it to comments until he's able to post your add'l contributions. It's really nice of him to say that he reserves the right to post your e-mails, sounds like he's on the verge of repealing your ban and is softening everyone up to understand why your writing is going to be phased back in... yuk yuk yuk.

    You said above that "BTW, those were your comment that Antonio edited and then reposted to attacked them, weren't they?" You mean many months ago? I hardly knew the guy back then, interacted on our group blog. He asked a question, to which I gave an honest and open answer, and rather than discuss it with me jumped ship and trumped it up on his own blog... w/o telling me. Not "wrong" exactly but definitely kinda unethicals and showed me once and for all that he wasn't really interested in a genuine conversation about this topic, but was rather just lookin' for somethin' juicy to "react" to. Prior to that I maintained some modicum of hope that Antonio would prove to be reasonable but he proved then that he was more interested in writing a tabloid quality hit piece than genuine dialog. We had no distrust of him prior to that, but he destroyed his own credibility with that little stunt. I bare no ill will toward the guy personally, but his tactics speak volumes to his (in)ability to have sincere dialog on the hot topics he is in the center of. Nothing personal.

  11. Hi Knet:

    Thanks for clarifying Antonio's tactics with your comment.

    Yes, he disabled comments. That was generous of him to allow me to fully develop material for him to post, as long as he is reserving the right.

    I was thinking about writing an article titled, The 13 Reasons Why I Believe in Purgatory.*

    Do you think da Rosa will post that one at Unashamed?


    * "NOT"

  12. there are many ruthless tactics going on with these free gracers. It is a great tragedy. I need to contact some pastors about some email stuff that has been going on myself. None of this should occur. This has gone on far to long. It is enough.

  13. Dear Guests:

    If you go to Unashamed of Grace you will find the article has been revised. It originally read, “I will post every one he sends me from this day forward.” But now it says, “I reserve the right to post every one he sends me from this day forward.”

    Of course, Antonio was trying to evade posting any more of my e-mails, especially the heart felt attempt to recover him from his Sock Puppet- fg me routine at my blog.

    But the story does not end there. Early today I received an e-mail from Rose (Rose's Reasonings), suggesting I misunderstood Antonio and that he had written, “reserves the right” instead of his promise to, “post every one” I send him.

    I looked at Unashamed and saw the, “reserve the right,” and wondered if I was mistaken. My experience with GES men has taught me to copy and save their articles, because they have a pattern of deleting and/or revising articles and comments. I happen to have the original article Antonio wrote, and it had the original language as I noted in my article.

    I suggest to Rose she was likely mistaken about the statement and should ask Antonio if he had revised it. Rose wrote back and informed me that she went into Antonio’s article and revised it herself. She made the decision to change his article.

    That was disappointing, but not unexpected to hear.

    He meant what he said, and Rose revised, or more like tampered with what he wrote. Rose was essentially posing as Antonio revising his own article. Then she wrote to me as if I needed to see that Antonio had revised it.

    She said that she changed it because she thinks that was the intent of Antonio’s statement.

    Rose has not only come to accept the false doctrine of Antonio da Rosa, but now is showing a tendency to behave like him.

    She tried to protect him and run interference for him in spite of his recklessness and poor behavior choices. This goes beyond accepting the egregious doctrinal errors of Antonio, and it is disturbing.

    It is becoming increasingly difficult to have level of trust with any advocate of the Crossless gospel. Now, Rose has compromised her testimony with an action that is similar to the kind Antonio lost his personal testimony over.


  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. A guest sent me an e-mail commenting on Antonio's latest behavior episode:

    "Funny how Antonio doesn't want to post the heart-felt email you sent him. Big surprise! Even in that article he still doesn't deny being fg me, and turns off comments to boot! Makes me think he has no one holding him accountable.

    C'mon Antonio, just admit you were fg me and get it over with already! Quit dragging it out. I can't believe anyone doubts it was him anyway, not for real

  16. "It is becoming increasingly difficult to have level of trust with any advocate of the Crossless gospel."

    Have I dont anything to make me untrustworthy in your eyes?

    I have answered all the questions you have put to me.

  17. Matthew:

    I try to be careful with blanket statements, but was not so on that one. I’ll rephrase it to, “It is becoming increasingly difficult to have any level of trust with most advocates of the Crossless gospel

    You have been a notable exception. Although I disagree sharply with your doctrine on the Gospel, you are at least transparent.


  18. To All:

    This week at Unashamed Mr. David Wyatt's link that once appeared in Unashamed's Our Other Blogs section is no longer there.

    I sent inquiries to Rose, Matthew and David, asking why the deletion. None have replied.

    I do know that David did not care for Antonio's, "The Mormon Jesus and Evangelical Jesus are One and the Same" remark. This may have been a point of departure from the pro-Crossless Unashamed blog for David.


  19. Dear Guests:

    David Wyatt was gracious enough to reply to my question about why he no longer appears as a member of the pro-Crossless gospel blog Unashamed of Grace.

    David wrote, "I love my brothers & sisters at UoG & we have no ill feelings toward one another whatsoever, I simply believed it was best that I bow out since I do not post as often as I once did. We simply have a friendly disagreement over some issues & as I said I felt it best to bow out gracefully."

    His reply to me appears in a thread at his blog.

    Thanks David.