February 5, 2008

Evaluation & Response to “Crossless” Theology, Part 1

Dear Guests:

Early in the “Crossless” thread Antonio wrote,

What misconceptions are fatal and what are trivial, Glenn, and who would be the arbiter of such considerations?”

Antonio, it has been widely noted you believe that a lost man can be saved no matter what misconceptions he may hold. You said any misconception should be put on the back burner.”

That statement is all inclusive. We know from the numerous notes by you, Matthew and *Jeremy Myers that this includes not just misconceptions, but open, conscience rejection of the deity of Christ.

Your stating, The Mormon Jesus and the Evangelical Jesus are one and the same,” clearly shows the lengths you have gone to negate the Deity of Jesus Christ for the purpose of upholding the reductionist teachings of Zane Hodges on the “Crossless” gospel.

My new contributor, Phil Evans in his article, The Hollow Gospel of the GES, documents that Hodges considers the cross, resurrection and even the deity of Christ “excess baggage” in a Gospel presentation.

These teachings are fatal to the Gospel and reduce your “Crossless/Deityless” message to a non-saving proposition to the detriment of the lost.

The judge (arbiter) of these egregious errors you have adopted and seek to spread is the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ whose Person and Gospel the Hodges message has assaulted. Your interpretation of the Gospel has been “consistent;” consistently wrong!

The Grace Evangelical Society’s (GES) reinterpretation and twisting of many clear passages of Scripture are on record and clearly evidence the departure from a balanced biblical theology that the “Crossless” faction of the Free Grace movement have gone.

You ask what is “trivial?” The teachings of Zane Hodges have trivialized the Lord’s finished work on the cross. Trivialized the Lord Jesus Christ by the redefining of His titles, “the Christ” & “Son of God,” to non-deity appellations. You personally trivialized the Lord by equating Him to, as David Wyatt noted, a “cultic” Mormon Jesus.

The Hodges/GES “Crossless” gospel has been trivialized down to a “fatal” message for the lost, in that it does NOT save.


*Appeared 1/23/2008 9:22 AM at Rose's Reasonings

*Grace Evangelical Society Dismisses Jeremy Myers

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