February 4, 2008

An Evaluation and Response to “Crossless” Theology: Introduction

Dear Guests:

For several days I have been engaged in a discussion at a blog called Rose’s Reasonings. This blog is somewhat sympathetic to the “Crossless” gospel and its advocates.

In an article titled, A “Crossless” Call I have been addressing several views of the Gospel as Antonio da Rosa articulates them. In that thread Antonio has posted numerous comments in support of and that expand on his now infamous statement, “The Mormon Jesus and the Evangelical Jesus are one and the same”

The bulk of my analysis and comments appear in the latter portions of the thread. As I kept dealing with Antonio’s views as they relate to the “Crossless” gospel I felt as thought my notes should not be buried deep in a long thread. Therefore, I am going to post a series of these comments for your review.

Some of the original comments will be edited slightly for relevance, and to avoid remarks that have little or no bearing on the major issue, which is the Gospel. In fairness I want my guests to know that Antonio believes he is being misrepresented. However, this is an unfounded charge because my comments are based on specific statements he has made in recent and past articles, none of which he has retracted.

Both Rachel of Pursuit of Truth and Kevl of On My Walk have verified that my remarks are clear, accurate and in no way misrepresent Antonio’s view as he has stated them.

Furthermore, Antonio will not be able to participate in any discussion threads. Late last year I was forced to ban Antonio from my blog for a number of poor, intolerable behavior choices on his part. Antonio is well aware of the ban, and the behavior issues that lead to the ban. These are behavior choices for which he is well known throughout the blogosphere.

This is an important series because it will alert unsuspecting believers as to just how far askew the Scriptures advocates of the “Crossless” gospel can, and in Antonio's case, have drifted. The series will, furthermore, equip readers to more quickly recognize the “Crossless” gospel when at first glance it may not be readily apparent.

The series, which begins on Tuesday, February 5th is titled, An Evaluation and Response to “Crossless” Theology.


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  1. Dear Guests:

    Last week Antonio violated the ban and invaded one of my threads with an attack piece on myslef and several guests. If he chooses to ignore the ban again I may have to enable comment moderation.

    If comment moderation becomes necessary I will check here often to get your comments posted at fast as possible.

    Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.