September 6, 2007

Update: Open Challenge to debate the “Crossless” Gospel

Dear Guests:

As details (meant for the general public) become available on the particulars for the public debate between Ron Shea and Bob Wilkin I will post them here.

Since yesterday’s Open Challenge for Formal Debate from Ron Shea to Bob Wilkin I can inform you of the following developments:

1) The senior pastor of a local church ministry that identifies with the Free Grace community has offered to host the debate. Both Shea and Wilkin are aware of this host site, and are personally acquainted with the pastor. This church has the facilities and recording equipment to meet the needs of the debate, and is centrally located for both men.

2) It is my understanding that Bob Wilkin is in receipt of the Open Challenge for Formal Debate directly from Ron Shea. I am confident that Shea and Wilkin are ironing out the details.

I will continue to provide updates as additional details become available.

In the thread under The Deity of Christ: A Defining Question to the GES Naz (Bret) wrote, “But, the word Christ, was synonymous with Son of God, which was synonymous with deity (John 4:25-26 & Matthew 26:63-68).”

The Bible is clear on this, but the “Crossless/Deityless” advocates simply dismiss these truths in preference for what Zane Hodges has redefined and determined to be truth.

The doctrine of the “Crossless” gospel advocates has never been so fully exposed. The discovery of their downgrading of the Lord titles, “Christ” & “Son of God” has IMO, given an ever increasing number of FG believers good reason and cause to step back giving the GES, Wilkin and Hodges a very wide berth.

IMO, the GES did not want so full a disclosure of their beliefs on the Gospel and deity of Christ to get such wide spread attention. The defenders of the “Crossless” gospel are now in the unenviable position of explaining their reductionist interpretation of the Gospel, including the dismissal of Christ’s deity from what the sinner must have some knowledge of and belief in order to be born again. (Romans 10:9-10)

If am trusting Wilkin will accept Shea’s challenge to the debate he (Wilkin) has been calling for over the last several months. I am confident the debate will address the GES position on the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ as it relates to the Gospel of Christ, the sinner and his conversion.

Very shortly I am posting another article in the series on the “Crossless” gospel from Greg Schliesmann by this weekend. The title of his new article is,

The “Christ” Under Siege


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