May 5, 2014

Northland Waltzing Toward Extinction

While Rome burned, Nero fiddled and while the campus of Northland is being abandoned the students learn to waltz away their troubles. In a place where prayer days and passionate lessons on Christ-centered great commission living were once the norm – students now learn to live for their next dance –

One, Two, Three, and One, Two, Three – on the way to tragedy, and One, Two, Three....”

While there is very little shock-value in anything from NIU anymore, it’s still worth putting up some items as an added caution.


  1. There isn't anything in this video that specifically identifies it as from NIU. I think I recognize the room, but other than that, there is nothing in the video to identify it with NIU.

    Assuming this is from NIU, definitely not the NIU I remember. What's next, women preaching in chapel? - oh, wait.

    1. Cute tongue-in-cheek. It is NIU, several confirmations, including reading the NIU students writing about it on the social websites. Speaking of women preaching in chapel: A new breaking (heart-breaking) report on that again, coming later this week.

    2. So Dr. Mohler speaks twice last week from NIU's pulpit, and you're reading teenagers Facebook pages?

    3. I have allowed your comment only so that I could give it the proper response, which is:

      It is preferential, it is biblical to “ withdraw from,” “to have no company with” (2 Thess. 3:6, 14-15) to “avoid” (Rom. 16:17-18) Al Mohler- a compromised New Evangelical.

      Among other compromises by Al Mohler these are the most egregious:
      *Sat as chairman for the 2001 Billy Graham Crusade in Louisville.
      *Signed the Manhattan Declaration, and has never biblically repented of it.
      *Embraced the ministry of Rick Warren.
      *Joined Hands with the Mormon Church.
      *Endorsed RAP Music for the church.
      *Al Mohler has, furthermore, praised the Vatican and the Pope.

  2. Thanks. It just seems that Dr. Mohler's preaching at Northland should cause you to be more outraged than a handful of teenagers learning to waltz.

    1. How short sighted, these "teenagers" are suppose to be training to be the next generation of leaders. Do we really this kind of training for the leaders that will replace us? NOT ME!!!

  3. Not surprising that NIU is hosting "Harmony by the Bay" featuring three CCM bands (Leeland, Jason Gray and Flame) on June 21. Truly sad!

    1. I have been made aware of this recently, and may do an article on it. This is, as you say, "not surprising."

      NIU has/had their own In-house CCM/Rock band, and that was after they hooked up with the Big Daddy Weave concert.

      And the blasphemous rendition of "Jesus Loves Me" RAP students did at the home of an NIU faculty member.

      No surprise, but tragic to watch the swift ruin of the once fine Northland Baptist Bible College.