August 15, 2012

Questions Answered on the Changes at NIU: An Insider’s Report, Part Three

Previously, we posted Part One and Part Two of this Q&A series for your consideration. Today, we continue with more questions and answers surrounding various aspects of the change in trajectory of NIU, the former Northland Baptist Bible College.

Q16. Was NIU wrong to give demerits to students who broke rules then (under the former demerit system) when those actions then would be completely acceptable today?

I’m not sure that actions warranting demerits are considered any less offensive today, but the penalties are not enforced in the same way. I understand that the whole Student Life office is being reduced, possibly dismantled. Not sure why.

Q17. How about students who were dismissed because they listened to music they weren’t supposed to? They have never tried to rescue the large numbers of alumni who bought into what we were taught in earlier years; do you believe they have a plan to reach out to and/or help graduates who were misinformed years ago as students?

I am not aware of any students dismissed because of their music choices.

Q18. Is NIU changing for numbers? Is NIU forced to do change because of new accreditation standards?

Possibly the accreditation issue affected some choices in one case.  After I was told in late January 2011 that the music degree program was dissolved (the decision had been made over Christmas break), a few weeks later a whole new plan emerged for continuing the music degrees.  My wife and I had earlier raised the question about how the accrediting organization would view such a dismantling. It may be (though I was never told) that the accreditation agreement would not ALLOW such a change if the college was going to continue their qualification for accreditation. So, they may have been forced into a corner and therefore changed their earlier plans to reduce or eliminate the degree program.

Q19. What church did you attend and is this church like the philosophy represented at NIU? Are all the churches the students serve in like the new position of NIU?

We attended Faith Baptist in Pembine, Wisconsin for about 6 years. The music there was conservative and well-balanced. The last 6 years we attended Family Baptist in Kingsford, Michigan. The music there was conservative and unaffected by NIUs gradual changes. It was during those years that some of Northland’s policies began to change. I don’t think ALL of the churches in NIU’s orbit agree with EVERYTHING NIU does, but most appreciate much of the college’s ministry. Almost everyone is struggling with questions about appropriate music, and some are questioning other areas which seem to reflect a more “casual” Christianity if I could use that word.

Please continue to Part 4, the final in this series.

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