August 10, 2012

Questions Answered on the Changes at NIU: An Insiders Report

Earlier this year I was contacted by a former faculty member of Northland International University (NIU). This man shared his appreciation for a series of articles I produced on the disconcerting changes of philosophy and practice at NIU. He, furthermore, offered to share with me his first hand observations and opinion of the changes that NIU President Dr. Matt Olson was introducing at the school. Beginning on Monday I will post the first of a multi-part interview series. Our interviewee answers a broad cross section of questions surrounding various changes in philosophy and trajectory of NIU, the former Northland Baptist Bible College.

For a primer to the Q&A series I recommend the January 2011 article, Is NIU “UnChanged?” The Northland Baptist Bible College Position Statement on Contemporary Issues in Christianity. The article is the most read of any at IDOTG. It is thoroughly documented in its depiction of events at NIU. For related reading see, NIU: Let's Get First Hand on the Facts.


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  1. Many of us appreciate the "non-spin" approach you have taken on this issue. We are looking forward to hearing this perspective.