November 24, 2008

Zane Hodges With the Lord

Dear Guests:

This morning I was informed that Zane Hodges passed away over the weekend.


I am preempting, but will repost the GES's Reductionist Affirmation of Belief article later this week.


  1. To All:

    The funeral for Hodges will be on Tuesday, Dec. 2. I have read that it may be streamed live on the Internet.

    I will advise from here if that is going to take place.

    As a side note I was reading one of the Crossless gospel blogs, and noted how two of Hodges's followers could not restrain themselves from using the passing of Hodges for an opportunity to try scoring political points.

    A sad and shameful way for those who followed the teaching of Hodges to express their appreciation for the ministry of and sorrow for the man's passing.


  2. Thanks for the announcement Lou.

    I wasn't expecting to read that when I came here today. It's a bit of a shock.

    I extend my sympathies to those who are hurting now.


  3. Hi Jan:

    Good to hear from you again.


  4. I extend my sympathy to his family and friends.


  5. Martin

    I'm sure they appreciate that.


  6. To Interested Persons:

    The following announcement appeared at a Crossless gospel blog.

    For those of you who cannot be at Zane's funeral but wish to be there, Don Reiher has some good news:

    Bob and close friends of Zane have agreed to allow live webcasting of Zane's memorial service at 12/2 11AM Dallas time.

    The link:

    I will open the room 15 minutes before the beginning of the service. Please log in as guest with your real name. No password will be required. Your name will be added to the guest list.

    I will record the connect session. After the service is over, I will post the link to the recorded session on the fgconnect welcome page.

    - Don Reiher

  7. To All:

    I would like to link each of you to an article that was recently published by one of my blog partners, Kev

    Please see Kev's How We Remember the Fallen at his blog, On My Walk.

    For example Kev wrote,

    One of my good friends, and a Brother in the Lord, is being attacked by a very disorderly Brother. It was suggested by the disorderly Brother that I should separate from the orderly, but outspoken, Brother. The blog post in question follows the author's well known style making use of his ability to craft manipulative writing to such an extent to be almost the perfect example of such.

    The topic is that of how we should remember Zane Hodges who died recently. Zane is a hero of the blog post author. In fact, if one were to read the blog in question one would be hard pressed to find a post there that doesn't mention (directly or by implication) Zane. I have spent a great deal of time and effort correcting and protecting against the theology taught by Zane. No where near as much time and effort as some other people though, as I'm a fairly recent addition to the scene. I'm offended by the man's recent theology but others, having been longer in the fight, are much more so.

    I honored the fact that Zane was a saved Christian despite his terrible errors when he died. His, and the GES's error about the Gospel is deadly. I can not in good conscience ignore this just because he was a Brother who did good things at some point in the past. The truth is that his error has become his legacy.