November 9, 2008

Change: Are We Looking in the Right Place?

Dear Guests:

The following editorial was written by a member of the church I attend. It was printed in one of our local newspapers. In light of the philosophy of President elect Obama, and the changes for our nation his philosophy signals, I felt this would be helpful editorial to reflect upon.

There is an outcry for change in our country, but I am not sure that we are looking in the right place. One of the founding principles of our nation is that God is our ultimate authority (see the Declaration of Independence).

The colonists had a very high literacy rate. Coming from the tyranny of a state church, they wanted everyone to be able to read the Bible and serve God according to their own conscience. This produced a culture of people that was significantly governed from within. Our ancestors demonstrated that people who humble themselves under the God of the Bible, seeking to love Him and to love their neighbor, best achieve a free society.

During the last century it was determined that it was unconstitutional to talk about God in public education, except in an historical context. Humanism began to ascend in higher education believing that man could rule his own destiny. God was relegated to the religious segment of life for those that needed it. It was thought that by more education and by more social programs, we could solve the problems of society. This idea has not worked.

By leaving God out, the rebellious nature of man, which the Bible talks about, has been able to run free. This is clearly demonstrated in the sexual revolution that was supposed to make us free, but has only demonstrated our bondage to self-gratification. The unconditional love of the marriage covenant has been replaced with a conditional contract that can be easily broken by either partner. The family structure has been devastated. In addition our current financial crisis can be traced to greed and lack of trust.

The change that America needs can’t be legislated; it must come from within the heart of each American.

Ben Ziesemer
This morning our pastor brought a message titled, What Can We Do About Post-Election Depression? His outline consisted of four main points, which were: 1) Behold our God; 2) Respect the King; 3) Proclaim the Lord; 4) Trust Your God.

God is faithful! All of the nations collectively are as dust before Him. He has power over all rulers. His will shall prevail and He has a purpose even through these leaders.



  1. I would like to add only a few points to an otherwise good article from Mr. Ziesemar.

    He stated: "The change that America needs can’t be legislated; it must come from within the heart of each American."

    Quite right that a change towards serving God CANNOT be legislated. But, how will that goal be accomplished by relying on the "heart of each American"? Is "each American" born-again? Any change that comes from the unregenerate heart is not a change which glorifies God.

    So, what would it take for a nation to see change which glorifies God? Simply put, the Church (Christ's body of believers) needs to immediately quit relying on gov't to legislate morality (not a biblical approach anyway), and then start sharing the gospel with a lost and dying world. That's how Christ and the apostles did it. Why should it work any different for those of us who profess to be His?

  2. Jimmy:

    Thanks for the comment and additions.

    I think #3 from my pastor's sermon outline is among the best we can do to bring real change to the heart of Americans.

    Proclaim the Lord (Matt. 28:19-20)

    You wrote, "That's how Christ and the apostles did it." That made me think of,

    "And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain brethren unto the rulers of the city, crying, These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also," (Acts 17:6).


  3. Lou,

    As evidenced by my comments, you'll find no disagreement from me that the best we can do to encourage godly change is to proclaim the Lord.

    I just re-read your pastor's article. I now realize he was not saying what I intially thought he was saying with the last sentence in his article. My mistake.

    Your referencing of Acts 17:6 is spot-on IMO in its application to this discussion. Their proclamation of the gospel changed the hearts and minds of men...and did indeed "turn the world upside-down". May we who profess His name do the same.