June 1, 2008

Voice of the Evangelists Publishes Part 2 of What is the “Crossless” Gospel?

Dear Guests:

I appreciated it very much when the Voice of the Evangelists web site was opened. I have linked to the Voice site since its inception.

The purpose of the VOICE OF THE EVANGELISTS is to present a unified, positive voice of independent Baptist evangelists for the cause of national and international biblical evangelism and revival in the twenty-first century through passionate and Spirit-filled praying and preaching.
Members and contributors to Voice of the Evangelists include: Dr. Chuck Phelps, Dr. Ron Comfort; Evangelists Dave Barba, Morris Gleiser, Steve Pettit, Mike Manor, Dave Young, Rich Tozour, Jim & John VanGelderen, Bryan Samms and many more.

Late in 2007 Evangelist Tom Farrell asked me to prepare an article on the Crossless gospel for publishing at Voice of the Evangelists. Earlier this month Voice published the first of what is a two parts series. The series is titled, What is the “Crossless” Gospel?

This is the link to What is the “Crossless” Gospel, Part 1, which was published several weeks ago.

This afternoon Voice of the Evangelists posted part two of the series: What is the “Crossless” Gospel, Part 2.

I am especially grateful that this series will:
1) Alert believers in IFB circles to the egregious errors of Zane Hodges, Bob Wilkin and the Grace Evangelical Society (GES).

2) It will further identify GES as an isolated cell of extremists in the Free Grace community that do NOT speak for or represent the balanced theology of pastors and teachers who identify themselves with the Free Grace community.


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