June 18, 2008

On the Horizon

Dear Guests:

Recent months have produced a number of compelling articles at In Defense of the Gospel. For example...

Pastor Dennis Rokser’s continuing series The Issue of Incongruity has been nailing down the egregious errors of the Grace Evangelical Society’s Crossless gospel. Furthermore, the series is nailing shut the coffin on the question of whether or not there is any incongruity or difference between the CONTENT OF THE GOSPEL message which is to be faithfully PREACHED and the content of SAVING FAITH post-Calvary which must be BELIEVED in order to have eternal life today.

Dr. J. B. Hixson (Executive Director of the Free Grace Alliance) announced and excerpted two portions of his new book Getting the Gospel Wrong: The Evangelical Crisis No One is Talking About.

In May I posted an important discussion of the GES’s “REDEFINED” Free Grace Crossless/Deityless Theology. This article refutes and dispels the serious misnomer that the Grace Evangelical Society speaks for and/or is representative of the whole of the Free Grace movement.

A new web site Voice of the Evangelists published a two-part series I wrote by request, which answers the question: What is the “Crossless” Gospel? See Part 1 & Part 2 at your convenience.

Dr. Fred Lybrand, Vice President of the Free Grace Alliance made several helpful contributions in regard to the FGA’s Official Statement and other important matters of interest to Free Grace community.

So, while I am grateful for what is being accomplished through a cooperative effort, more needs to be done in defense of the Gospel, and more is being done. In upcoming weeks there are several new articles that will be posted at In Defense of the Gospel. The list of what is on the horizon includes, but is not limited to the following articles.

The Necessity of Forbidden Fellowship

Initial Reaction to John MacArthur’s The Gospel According to Jesus: What is Authentic Faith?

The Issue of Incongruity- Actual or Artificial,? Part 5

A Non-Free Gracer Reviews Bob Wilkins’s Scavenger Hunt Salvation Without a List

Do all things, “to the praise of His glory.”

Yours faithfully,



  1. Hey Lou,

    I'm really looking forward to your initial reaction to newest revision of TGATJ. I have a few thoughts on the first bit of it which I have read as well.


  2. Hi Kev:

    Thanks for the note.

    My review of JM's new LS apologetic will be posted next week. I briefly discuss some key issues, and refer back to some previous (related) discussions.

    Looking forward to your notes on the book as well. Let me know when you post them


  3. Hi Lou,

    I'm actually working my way through your book before I get back in to John's. My thoughts on his work will be put together in July or August. Although I'm sure I'll have some comments before then ;)

    I keep meaning to email you about your book. I'm loving it BTW. I've got to fit it in between everything else, but it's a fairly high priority for me.


  4. Hi Kev:

    Thanks for the update on your reading projects. I am looking forward to your reaction to my and MacArthur's book.

    I will want to reference and/or link to any articles on these that you publish at your blog.


  5. Hey Lou,

    I'm working on a "re-introduction" to the topic of Lordship Salvation. Your book really has inspired me, and I've been feeling the tug to get back at that fight. As you and I have discussed before.

    The subject will be "Do strong gospel demands make for a weak gospel?" The catch verse is Romans 1:16

    I hope to have this done before the weekend. It will be short and it's purpose will be to get people talking on the subject.


  6. Kev:

    That is great to hear my book has been useful to you. I will look forward to your "re-introduction."

    Tomorrow I am posting my initial reaction to John MacArthur's new edition of The Gospel According to Jesus.