October 27, 2007

Personal Notes & Update

1) Temperatures are dropping. It is snowing in the Rockies. I am getting myself in shape for another season of skiing. I can hardly wait!

The picture is of me (01/07) at Copper Mountain , Colorado. Behind me is the Spaulding Powder Bowl. That day I was with a professional guide. The picture was taken by my guide right after we plummeted down a crevice that was 30 yards wide, lined with rocks on both sides, and almost as steep as your living room walls.

My skiing motto is: “If it’s too steep; you’re too old.” I am about a year or two away from being “too old” for crevice skiing like I did last year.

2) Recently I was asked to write a series of articles on the “Crossless” gospel for another Fundamental web site. Once they begin posting them I will link you to the site. It is encouraging to see how many more are coming to realize the danger of and just how far askew of the biblical plan of salvation Zane Hodges, Bob Wilkin and the Grace Evangelical Society have drifted.

3) This week I began developing a new article on one of the most controversial issues in the Lordship Salvation debate. A few years ago one of the leading apologists for Lordship Salvation wrote a brief statement that immediately became a lightning rod for debate. My intention is to review that controversial statement, compare it to similar statements and then test it against the Word of God.

4) Last week one of my children just underwent a major surgery. All went well, and a full recovery is expected. We thank God for His grace and mercy.

5) The revised and expanded version of In Defense of the Gospel is in progress and nearing completion. It is a project I devote the time I have available to as I am able. In recent weeks I have been reading and/or interacting with several men I trust and appreciate. I have received numerous requests for the release date. For now, I can tell you that we are looking at early in 2008. The study, meditation on Scripture and prayer that goes into this work has been a blessing.

Yours faithfully,



  1. How old is Lou Martuneac?

  2. How old is Lou Martuneac

    Oh if I only knew Lou better... ;)


  3. Been praying for your child, keep us updated. Our 2nd son was born on Dec 31st last year, 2 months ahead of his due date. We thank God that he's 18 lbs of bouncing baby boy now... guess he really wanted to share a birthday with ya! Got any advice for parents who have a child whose b-day is so close to Christmas? i.e. were you bummed at all as a kid that your birthday presents and Christmas presents were so close together?

  4. Knet:

    Kids who were born very near Christmas will tell you that it seemed like their birthday got mixed up in Christmas and was an after-thought. That is how we remember it as kids anyway.

    Here is my suggestion: Make sure the birthday is celebrated separate and distinct from Christmas.

    The last thing a kid wants to hear on his/her birthday is, "This gift is for Christmas AND your birthday."