October 4, 2007

Excerpt From: Examining Lordship Salvation, Part 2

At the Grace Family Jounal (GFJ) Pastor Dennis Rokser posted the second in his series on Lordship Salvation. Here are two excerpts:

From the section, Is This Issue of LS Secondary or Semantic?

While engaging in numerous conversations regarding LS over the years, including with various pastors, it has not been uncommon to hear responses such as the following:

“The Teaching of Lordship Salvation is no big deal.” (But it is!)

“Both sides are basically saying the same thing.” (No, they are not!)

“It is not worth arguing about.” (Tell that to the Jerusalem council of Acts 15 who had a knock-down-drag-out session discussing the issue of the condition of salvation.)

I propose we move the importance of this doctrinal issue outside of the realm of any one’s human opinion with its tendency toward ignorance and arrogance, and let God weigh in on the necessity an importance of a clear and accurate presentation of the Gospel.

From the section, How Does the Teaching of Lordship Salvation Line Up With Scripture?
Does the Gospel of Grace demand our surrender, submission and sacrifice for eternal salvation? Or does it declare the surrender, submission and sacrifice of Jesus Christ?

My experience with responses from many Lordship advocates over the years is the same as what Pastor Rokser describes in the first excerpt above. Some, but very few, will define their position in unvarnished terms. Others, however, seek to evade any frank disclosure of exactly what they truly believe are the requirements for salvation. These will use the kinds of responses that Pastor Rokser cited above. Some become defensive and/or down right angry if you question their position on the Gospel.

These reactions from Lordship advocates prepared me for the same kinds of responses we have encountered with “Crossless” gospel advocates such as Bob Wilkin and Jeremy Myers of the Grace Evangelical Society.

In the original manuscript of my book I had a small chapter titled, Is It Just A Matter of Semantics? I did not leave it in the final published version of my book. That chapter touches on what Pastor Rokser describes above. I will see about posting that chapter here over the weekend.

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