August 30, 2007

Response from Bob Wilkin: A Journal

To All:

I have had a few inquiries into whether or not Bob Wilkin responded to my question on the deity of Christ as Kyle Kaumeyer assured me he would.

Bob Wilkin sent me an e-mail yesterday, (Wednesday, (8/29/07). He told me whether or not he will answer the question on the deity of Christ. For the moment I am withholding his answer.

On Wednesday afternoon I sent a response to Bob (via e-mail) with an additional thought for his consideration. I am awaiting his reply, which I believe should be today (Thursday). Once I have Bob's response I will post an update.

Late last night (Thursday) still no reply from Wilkin. Therefore, I sent another e-mail to Bob asking if I might expect to hear from him by the weekend. Jeremy Myers was sent a carbon of that e-mail.

Today, (Friday) I sent another e-mail to Bob Wilkin with a carbon to Jeremy. I made a proposal to Bob with a solution to the desire he has expressed to settle the debate over the "Crossless" gospel.

Last night (Saturday) I sent another e-mail to Wilkin with a carbon to Jeremy Myers. Here is a portion of the e-mail.

"I have been awaiting a reply from you to my last three e-mails, two of which I sent a carbon to Jeremy as I have with this. If you are out-of-town then Jeremy would, of course, be able to inform me of this. In that absence I have to believe you are in receipt of my e-mail(s) and have to date chosen to delay or not respond at all. May I reasonably expect to hear back from you within the next day or two?"

Thus far, still no reply from Bob. I have given him the benefit of the doubt in the hope and expectation that he will extend the courtesy of a reply to my gracious notes to him.

Incidentally, I expanded my proposal to help him realize the open forum/debate he has been calling for on the "Crossless" gospel. I asked if he is still eager to go ahead with a debate if a man from the opposing view can be found who would agree to publicly debate him.

This is, of course, been a sore spot with Bob. His GES blog has his version of how he sought, but failed to organize the debate with Pastor Dennis Rokser. I trust Bob is willing to go ahead when and if a man will agree to meet him in this open debate format he is pressing for.


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