November 19, 2006

Summation of the Debates with MacArthur’s Staff

To All:

Over the next few days I will prepare and then post a summation of the recent discussions/debates with Nathan Busenitz and Phil Johnson.

In the meantime, please read many, if not all, of the posts I have written this and last month. There is much here that will help define the issues in the Lordship controversy.



  1. Hi Lou, thanks for your answer on regeneration and faith over at pyromaniacs. I appreciated your comments and lucid arguments.

    God bless,

  2. Jim:

    Thanks for the note. Their regeneration before faith is so extreme and out of touch with the Bible it is easily shown to be absurd.

    They arrive at that position because they take the total depravity of man (Jer. 17:9)to the Calvinistic extreme of Total Inability.

    This is purely a reason over the revelation of Scripture position. The logic and human reasoning of their Calvinitic platform takes them to these unbiblical positions.

    Check back for more on this and especially the Lordship issues.

    I am glad that my posts were of some help to you and others.