November 7, 2006

Post Your Own Review

Here is the opportunity to post your own review of my book.

Some men have written quite a bit about my book at other sites. I want to reserve this thread for those of you who have not, or were not comfortable sharing an opinion at the other sites. You do not have to worry about doing a "professional, technical" review, just share your impressions. The one requirement for comment is that you must have read my book.

I am going to post a few of the positive comments I have received from various pastor and Christian leaders since my book was released earlier this year.

I will read and carefully consider any comments, positive or negative, that you choose to share with me.

So have at it.



  1. Example #1

    "Thank you for your work on this issue, it is much needed. I have always felt our side of the equation lacked a certain mark of scholarship in this debate.

    You have handled yourself very well on the Sharper Iron (and Pulpit Magazine) forums, and have showed you are not only willing to defend, but to discuss and explain. That is the mark of a Godly theologian.

    I am tired of preachers ranting and raving about something, yet fail to back up anything they say or even discuss the matter for further explanition."

  2. Example #2

    Thanks again for the copy of your new book. I believe it will meet a real need in our circles.

    I especially appreciated your chapters on "Salvation and Discipleship", "Biblical Repentance", and "Saving Faith".

    These are key issues that you handled well.

  3. Example #3

    I did receive a copy of your book. I have read about 1/3 and I like what I have read thus far. Should I have any questions, I will let you know. I have been helped by what I have read thus far. There is much clarification in your book. I appreciate your writing.

  4. Example #4

    Thank you for your letter and for the book that you sent. I'm reading it through for the 2nd time, highlighting and meditating on your arguments.

    Congratulations on your efforts. We'll be ordering your book for our bookstore.

  5. Example #5

    I just had to pick up the book right away and peruse it carefully. You've done a great job of research and of setting forth the distinctives of some of the chief advocates of Lordship Salvation by quoting their own works.

    I am glad you felt impressed of the Lord to undertake this good work.