November 11, 2013

Al Mohler Joins Hands With the Mormon Church

Pastor Brian Ernsberger recently published a new article titled, [Al] Mohler Joins Hands with Mormons.

Now some who call themselves fundamentalists have chimed in to say that there’s nothing really wrong with this picture, that Mohler at BYU to speak on marriage is just perfectly fine… 
So, were Al Mohler and the Mormons actually talking about the same thing when talking about “marriage?” Like so many other common words used by Christians and Mormons, they don’t mean the same thing to both groups. Believers, or more specifically the Bible has one meaning for words and Mormons, using those same words, have a completely different meaning. Mohler and the Mormons were not even on the same page in the conversation that they had. Which ultimately begs the question, Why DID Al Mohler accept the invitation to speak at BYU?
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Site Publisher Commentary:
When I first read Dr. Kevin Bauder defending Al Mohler, Mohler, Mormons, and Militancy, my initial reaction was, There He Goes Again: More Lavish Praise for Al Mohler. This is a continuation of a long time pattern just as he (Kevin) and Dr. Dave Doran gave Mohler a pass (and still do) for Al Mohler signing the Manhattan Declaration (MD). An action that Al Mohler have never genuinely, biblically repented of.*

Kevin Bauder’s pattern has been to relentlessly allow for, tolerate and defend the ecumenical compromises, cultural relativism, aberrant doctrine and worldliness of Mohler and his fellow so-called “conservative” evangelicals. Last week at, the pseudo-fundamentalist site, Sharper Iron, Dr. Mike Harding noted the trend with Mohler and the Mormon Church.
As Mohler said we will likely being going to jail together with people of whom we will not go to heaven. True enough. The bigger picture is that Mohler is planning a return trip to BYU. Richard Land et. al. are also building bridges to the LDS. There is a disturbing trend here. Mormonism wants to be considered as Mormon Christianity as opposed to a cult. This is where the real danger lies.
Dr. Harding continued here with additional concerns with the SBC leadership joining hands with the Mormon church.
Mormons stand to benefit greatly from this dialogue, as they have been working tirelessly in recent years to be seen as a Christian denomination rather than an aberrant American-made, cult founded by a 19th century soothsayer.
There is, however, more to come from this pattern with Al Mohler and one of his chief apologists Kevin Bauder. Kevin will no doubt continue to ignore, excuse or dismiss the on-going ecumenical compromises of Mohler. He, for example, has never critically addressed the ramifications of Al Mohler sitting as chairman for the Billy Graham crusade in 2001.

Earlier this year Al Mohler joined with Rick Warren in cooperative ministry. Furthermore, “Richard Mouw was a featured speaker at the celebration of the life of Carl F.H. Henry [one of the architects and high priests of New Evangelicalism] held at SBTS in September, in conjunction with Fuller Theological Seminary.” What did we read or hear from Kevin Bauder about these events with Al Mohler? Nothing!

Signing the MD was not Mohler’s first time foray into ecumenical compromise. I said, at the time, that it would not be his last. Kevin Bauder would, furthermore, continue the pattern of tolerating, allowing for, ignoring or excusing new ecumenical events as they would surely, and have unfolded since the Manhattan Declaration.


*See, Critical Review of Kevin Bauder’s Open Letter: The Manhattan Declaration

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