July 10, 2013

The ACCC: Resolution on the Danger of Neo-fundamentalism

The American Council of Christian Churches (ACCC) has issued a resolution, a sober warning about the spread of a “neo-fundamentalism.” The resolution identifies Dr. Kevin Bauder and Bauder’s chapter in the Four Views of the Spectrum of Evangelicalism as a force behind the decline of biblical separatist fundamentalism.
The neo-fundamentalist call to the convergence of fundamentalists and evangelicals rang loud and clear from the Zondervan publication Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism, a book promoted by the managers of the Sharper Iron website. Sadly, the tone expressed by the book in its presentation of fundamentalism was reminiscent of Falwell’s production a generation ago. As in The Fundamentalist Phenomenon, the book used the term hyper-fundamentalist to highlight a long list of supposed ills within fundamentalism, including loyalty to fundamentalist leaders and organizations, the willingness to make associations a consideration relevant to separation, and anti-intellectualism.
The neo-fundamentalist tolerance for men who neglect or repudiate separatist convictions has spread to the campuses of former citadels of fundamentalism, like Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary in Lansdale, PA and Northland International University in Dunbar, WI. While it is true that fundamentalists are flawed servants of the Lord, the temptations of disloyalty, pragmatically overlooking associational compromise, and the pride of intellectualism are great dangers to the people of God in this evil day.
From IDOTG I have been warning readers of the dangers that lie ahead because of the revisionist history, blurring the lines of biblical distinction and formal cooperative efforts that Kevin Bauder (Dave Doran, Tim Jordan and Matt Olson) have been forging with non-separatist, compromising so-called conservative evangelicals. The pattern has been to tolerate, allow for, ignore and/or excuse doctrinal aberrations, cultural relativism (worldliness) and ecumenical compromise of the evangelicals. Instead, Kevin Bauder (Doran, Jordan, Olson) has eagerly heaped lavish praise upon them for the sake of fellowship and cooperative efforts with them. I welcome the ACCC’s resolute warning and encourage a wide reading of it.

For the ACCC’s complete resolution see, Resolution on the Danger of Neo-Fundamentalism


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  1. Site Publisher’s Addendum:
    The ACCC resolution named Sharper Iron (SI) managers, as promoters of Kevin Bauder’s obscure Four Views book. SI has, however, been much more than merely a promoter of a “neo-fundamentalism” chapter in the book. SI is a pseudo, fundamentalist site itself.

    SI has been hostile toward fundamentalist men and movements who are dedicated to authentic biblical separation. SI has been, from its inception to date, a conduit for the advancement of non-separatist evangelicalism. SI’s managers have eagerly published articles, hosted blogs, (SI’s Blogroll) participated in and encouraged commentary besmirching the legacy of balanced fundamentalism, some of its men both living and those who have finished their race.

    You can view documented examples of SI’s bias, playing favorites and open hostility toward fundamentalism at

    Sharper Iron in the Iron Skillet


  2. Good Morning,
    I have been grateful these last few years for your willingness to be honest with the current scene of fundamentalism. Thank you for being a clear voice in the chaos. I do not expect you to respond to or even publish this comment. It is from my heart out of sadness as I see more shifts. I present these links without comment for you to consider and pray over.

    Thanks again for your "defense of the Gospel".

  3. Well, I've heard of these things, but not sure what to make of them at this time.