February 20, 2012

President Obama Declares War Against Our Freedom of Religion

An Urgent Message from Evangelist Dave Kistler of Hope Ministries

Over the course of this afternoon and evening, I’ve had time to peruse the meaning of President Obama’s “compromise” with the Catholic Church over contraception and it’s place in health care. To put it bluntly, all he has done is rearrange the furniture on the deck of the Titanic. He (Obama) now says that it will be the responsibility of insurance companies to offer contraceptive and abortion services in their insurance plans. Well, excuse me, but since when is it the role of government (and especially that of a President) to tell a private insurance company what to do?

What I am about to share with you, I’ve never put in print. I have shared it with individuals only. My friend, Dr. Johnny Hunter* (Executive Director of LEARN—the largest African-American Pro-Life organization in the nation) met our current President prior to his becoming President. During that encounter, Obama told Dr. Hunter the following.

You black preachers are the scourge of America! I have absolutely no use for you!”
There were additional profanity laced comments that [then] Senator Obama made to Dr. Hunter that I cannot repeat here. Dr. Hunter’s statement to those of us in the room the day we were told this was, “Gentlemen, I saw the Devil with his tail out! This man (Obama) is not our friend!” There were other almost prophetic statements that Dr. Hunter shared with us, all of which has proven true over the last two and a half years.

The bottom line is this. What our President has done is declare an all out war against our freedom of religion rights. That is NOT an over statement! Whether he has doubts about his ability to be reelected, or whether he doesn’t fear the American electorate (or a combination of both), the simple fact is this; he has decided to go full tilt toward denying our First Amendment rights! Pastors, I beg you to consider addressing this issue with your congregation. Our Catholic counterparts nationwide read a letter in their pulpits this past Sunday to the rousing applause of their congregations stating that they would not violate their beliefs and conscience! Again, we have large disagreements with Catholics doctrinally. However, we are in this battle together! It is not just Catholics whose First Amendment rights are being trampled. We, who call ourselves, Fundamentalists, evangelicals, or whatever label we choose, are directly affected as well!

To be completely honest, I’ve seen this coming for three years. I’ve tried to sound periodic alarms. Some have listened, some have not. I hope that now you understand the enemy we face. Our enemy is the current occupant of the White House! Strong language? You bet! I say it because it is true!!! NEVER have we had a President who has done what this man is doing! NEVER have we seen the egregious violations of the Constitution like we are witnessing at the hands of this man we call President! I say again, my dear Pastor friend, for the cause of freedom and the gospel, please consider addressing this issue (kindly and DIRECTLY) with your congregation. If you are unaware of what has been transpiring (I don’t know how you could be), then educate yourself on this issue! This has absolutely NOTHING to do with politics! This has to do with saving our very republic and our free speech and religion rights! If we fear and fail here, we will one day look back and rue the squandered opportunity we had to stand up and speak out. While we still have the freedom to contest the anti-God, anti-Constitutional, anti-liberty lunacy that is the Obama administration, we MUST do so.

Earlier this evening, I heard one evangelical woman put it this way. “We will fight this Constitutional infringement in our institutions, in our PULPITS and in the streets if need be!” I share her sentiments! I know that some will consider this extreme. You may do so at your own peril. I am not going to look back with any regrets on this. I will not sit in a jail one day for my faith and not be assured that I did all I could to protect and preserve liberty. This was the attitude, as well as the action, of our founders.

I have absolutely no respect for the freedom-living individual, who is not freedom-loving enough to do all he/she can to pass on this incredible gift called liberty to future generations. It was passed to us through the blood of patriots. Do we think that we are too privileged, too special, too secure, that the same won't be required of us? This is our time! This is our moment! This is our time for protecting and preserving the precious seed of liberty! If we will not stand for our freedom NOW, I seriously doubt our willingness to stand when we are told we must violate our conscience to obey a tyrannical government! I just heard one gravely concerned religious leader say, “this is not about being willing to go to jail, this is about being willing to die for what we believe!” Friends, he is 100% right! This is exactly what this is, and this is exactly where we are! Now, let's do what is right, not convenient! Let’s be willing, as were our founders, to “mutually pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor!”

Yours for faith and freedom,

Evangelist Dave Kistler
(with minor revision by the site publisher)
HOPE Ministries International
EMail- davekistler@hopeministriesonline.com

* Dr. Johnny Hunter


  1. Agree with the article completely.

    That said, I wonder if Mr. Kistler would agree that the First Ammendment (along with most of the Bill of Rights) has been under attack for decades...and consistently by BOTH liberal and so-called conservative Presidents (e.g. George W. Bush).

    If liberty is to be truly fought for, the people better come to grips, and quickly, with the fact that BOTH of these political party's (Rep. and Dem.) are UNITED in their quest to fully and completely relegate the masses to servitude. Socialism (Dems) and fascism (Repubs) lead to the same diabolical place.

  2. The believer is bound by the word of God. We have been promised nothing by way of practical freedom in this world. In fact, persecution is the only thing we are promised here. The Catholic church puts people in spiritual bondage to a dead system of works. I see that as the ultimate tyranny. The church of Jesus Christ is made up of pilgrims and strangers here on earth. Ours is a heavenly home. Mitt Romney and Barak Obama are equally unsaved. Neither know anything of true freedom found only in Christ.

  3. Thanks Adam, I appreciate your input and concur with it.


  4. Thank you Lou. I appreciate your stand for the Gospel of Grace. I have never commented here before, but I have been a longtime reader. I appreciate your ability to cut through the smokescreens generated by the spirit of compromise and address some real threats to the freedom of the believer.

  5. Adam:

    I appreciate those kind remarks. It is a blessing to know that some of what I have done here has been helpful to you.

    Kind regards,