January 5, 2012

A Lesson From Lowe’s Dr. Clay Nuttall

For our overseas readers, let me begin with an explanation. Lowe’s is a large chain of home improvement stores. Unlike other major home improvement chains, Lowe’s has come down on the moral and conservative side of most issues. They were recently identified as a sponsor for a television program called “All-American Muslim”. A reliable and informed conservative organization challenged them on this decision, and a firestorm of complaints caused Lowe’s to withdraw their sponsorship. Their reason was legitimate: they simply didn’t want to be in the middle of this conflict.

The tidal wave of criticism that followed from the liberal minds was very revealing. I write this article knowing that I tread on dangerous ground, but knowing also that most of our readers are clear-headed conservatives. It is possible, however, that someone who is reading this has been caught in the liberal web and may never have thought this through. It is also possible that some readers have struggled in that they do not know how to answer the fallacious criticism from those who have believed the lie that Islam is a peaceful religion.


Those who have told the truth about the aforementioned television program and Lowe’s’ action have been called uninformed, intolerant, prejudiced, bigoted, and ignorant. The fact is, however, that those who have defended the charade are the ones who truly are intolerant, bigoted, and ignorant of the facts. Liberalism and its bedfellows are experts on dealing with the “what” of situations but almost never the “why”.

Why would anyone characterize the “All-American Muslim” program as propaganda? The answer is that what is portrayed in the episodes, coupled with the attempt to whitewash the true Islam, is false advertising. The discussion isn’t about America’s being a melting pot for all cultures; it is about the true heart and majority of a major religion.

Those who try to explain the “why” of this issue are classified as having “Islamophobia”. Name-calling is the same liberal trick that is used with the subject of sodomy. Anyone opposed to this destructive practice is called “homophobic”. It has never crossed their minds that the deliberate campaign against Christianity in our country is “Christophobic”.


Are all Muslims terrorists, or are there some who would prefer living in peace? No, not every one of them is a terrorist; and yes, some desire a peaceful life. History, however, has demonstrated that those who are violent at heart are perfectly willing to live in a pretense of peace until they are a majority.

The “All-American Muslim” façade in no way resembles the real Islam. The total Muslim population of the U.S. is but a drop in the bucket compared to its worldwide scope. It is there you will find the truth, not in some finely-tuned American television program. We have had some examples of the real Islam here at home, but they are always played down by the dominant liberal media.

The real face and heart of this religion can only be found in the majority. Find any country in the world where Islam rules, and you will find the truth. This is how to erase the ignorance of a liberal perspective. The bottom line is that in those countries there is no true democracy, no real freedom, and no peace for anyone who disagrees with the majority religion. What you will find is hatred, violence, fear, and death. There is zero tolerance for anyone who disagrees, including some of their own; this is the real Islam religion.

The liberal sermon on diversity falls on deaf ears elsewhere in the world. All patriotic Americans applaud diversity; it is center stage in what we are all about. Arabic Americans have every right to the freedoms promised to all Americans. Those of us who served in the military defended that freedom for every American, but this critical discussion isn’t about being an American. It is about using our freedoms to create the living hell that exists in all the nations where a different kind of religion monopolizes the scene.


Anyone with an informed, honest perspective will see the danger in the false advertisement of Islam in America. They will be able to see the intolerant, prejudiced, bigoted, and ignorant practice of liberalism as evidenced in Islam’s war against Christianity. There is one thing, though, that is far more dangerous than the intellectual pagan who has rejected Christ.

Why would a civil leader, an evangelical, or even a fundamentalist believe or communicate the lie? Why would they defend the thing that has destroyed the freedom of nation after nation? Why would anyone dare to say that Islam is a “peaceful religion”? It could be fear, politics, a desire to be accepted, or perhaps a lack of understanding. No matter how you state it, the real issue with such people is ignorance. Those who rail against patriotic and conservative Americans and demonize Christians may have knowledge, but they do not have wisdom.

The bottom line is simple: if you are willing to read the news, even twisted as it so often is, you cannot miss the truth about real Islam. Read about what is happening in Libya today and in Egypt. Consider what will happen in Iraq and the whole of the Arab spring and think, just think! And thus endeth the lesson from Lowe’s.

He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.” Revelation 22:11

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  1. I agree with you completely except to say that Islam is not a religion. It is a totalitarian form of government with a religious component. That distinction is important so that our legal system does not try to protect it as religion. By our constitution, Islam is illegal to practice in this country. It is a form of government that is contrary to our constitution--our law of the land. --TH

  2. Indeed, TH, Islam is a socio-economic-civil-religious movement. What it is needs to be clarified in America if our nation hopes to escape the problems that European/African/Asian nations are facing as their Muslim population increases and their beliefs start to become mainstream in those societies.
    They have come to our country under the guise of our freedom of religion. American must realize that Islam is far more than just a religious belief system.

  3. We need to not only continue to speak out about the heresy going on in Christianity (thank for your work), but also warn about cults and dangerous movements such as Islam. I always tell people if they want to see the TRUE face of Islam (The Religion of Peace ?)please go to the website TheReligionofPeace.com. Warning this site is not from a Christian perspective but it does a great job at pointing out what the Koran really teaches and what is going on all over the world as people are being slaughtered by this religion and being forced to accept it. This religion was founded on violence, spread by violence and maintained by violence!

  4. Lou:

    You appear to suggest this is, atleast in part, a "conservative" vs. "liberal" issue. Are you aware that Bush Jr. stated that "Islam is a peaceful religion". He, of course, was and is wrong on this point, but my guess is much of your "conservative" readership, and possibly even yourself voted for the man.

  5. Jimmy, even though it was Bush 43 who called Islam a religion of peace and he was a conservative, it is still a liberal/conservative issue. There is no one, at least that I am aware of, who is a political liberal who condemns Islam's intolerance. Many conservatives do, but not one liberal. The liberal says we have done something wrong to upset the Muslim and we must correct that wrong. Hogwash! If it were not for the countries that have been attacked by Muslims the Middle East would still be functioning societally like they were in the days of Muhammed, as nomads.
    I am sick with the liberal drivel that we have done great harm to the rest of the world.

  6. Brian:

    You make my point when you say, "...and he (Bush 43) was a conservative."

    You go on to state, "I am sick with the liberal drivel that we have done great harm to the rest of the world." There are many folks who think we (the U.S.) have indeed done great harm to the rest of the world, but who are anything but "liberal". Ron Paul would be an example of such.

    In short, these are constitutional matters, not "conservative" vs. "liberal" matters.

  7. I am also tired of people saying the US is hurting the rest of the worldy. Actually we have done a great deal of good for the world and are still doing so despite Islam wanting to take the cross out of Red Cross. If we withheld all foreign aid to the countries that 'don't like us,' maybe we could take care of our own people better. --TH

  8. Islam is a religion married to the state or government. That is why Americans, governed by the bill of rights oppose it, and why believers, guided by the Bible, should oppose it as well. It is both a political and spiritual issue. Even if Islam is dormant in some countries, the goal is still to conquer and govern by religion. This goes against the basic tenets of Baptist faith of freedom of conscience and separation of church and state. Islam is not historically the only religion to do this, Catholicism and even Protestants married government and religion together and then ruled with the sword. Even in early America, religion was married to the government and Baptists were persecuted and killed for standing against religion enforced by the government. The only reason we don't have a Islamic like government religion here is the blood of Baptists, like Pastor John Leland who influenced Madison to put the establishment clause in the Bill of Rights. Remember that next time you think it's okay to change your Baptist church name to Crossroads Fellowship, and thank a Baptist today!

  9. So my point was religion is protected in the U S, but not religion married to the state!

  10. Mr. Rogers:

    You make excellent points. Thank you for this sound input.

    You mention the Bill of Rights. Are you aware this great document of liberty died a painful death New Year's Eve 2011? See:


    I'm speaking of the National Defense Authorization Act just in case the above link is not allowed here.

  11. Jimmy,
    I would take issue with the Ron Paul being a conservative; libertarian in the Republican party, yes. His foreign policy (which from what I've seen is really AWOL) would do more damage to the United States than what the Obama admin, is doing.
    I don't deny that they are constitutional matters, but typically, the conservative is the one upholding the constitution and the liberal who runs roughshod over it. Please note I say typical. We may find a person who is an anomaly, but anomalies are not the typical.
    Bush 43 said what he said, which was politically motivated, I believe, yet he still waged war against those who attacked us who were Muslims in Muslim nations and the liberal establishment has decried those actions.