April 19, 2011

IFBF Resolution on Separatism & Compromise

The Annual Meeting of the Indiana Fundamental Baptist Fellowship (IFBF) was recently held at the Thompson Road Baptist Church in Indianapolis. The IFBF elected, as its new president, Dr. Rick Arrowood, who is the Pastor of the Crosspointe Baptist Church. The IFBF also voted on a special resolution articulating it position on separation in the wake of certain men in fundamental circles attempting to redefine separatism.

IFBF Resolution on Compromise

Forasmuch as the Indiana Fundamental Baptist Fellowship of Churches has from its inception adhered to Jude’s admonition to “earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints,” and

Whereas, every generation faces its own unique and specific challenges to steadfastness and fidelity to the Scriptures which are able to make one wise unto salvation; and,

Whereas there have in this generation arisen movements which have called for a merging of professing Christendom to gather under a Gospel banner, rallying ‘round a mantra of holding to and setting forth the gospel message, i.e. that Christ died for our sins and was buried and rose again the third day, as the only test of faith for fellowship and the standard for legitimacy in New Testament Christianity in this 21st century; and,

Whereas the IFBF has always been and remains to this present hour committed to the biblical principles of both personal and ecclesiastical separation, believing that the whole counsel of God’s Word is our imperative and that erring brethren ought to be loved, yet admonished and even separated from when persisting in error;

Therefore, be it resolved at this IFBF annual meeting in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, on the 12th day of April, 2011, that our constituency goes on record as affirming our commitment to these separatist principles and further

Be it resolved that we as a fellowship of Independent Baptists reject the compromise of the present Together 4 the Gospel movement, and similar current theological philosophies, associations, publications and trends impacting churches, colleges and seminaries which for the desired end of togetherness, cooperation and oneness in our understanding minimize doctrine and sacrifice faithfulness to our historic separatist, Biblicist stand, i.e. that of separation from Christian individuals or organizations that affiliate with those who deny the faith or are content to walk together with those who compromise the doctrine and practice of Scripture;

Be it further resolved that the IFBF affirms today that it stands as a separatist body where it stood at its inception when, rejecting the new evangelicalism of the 50’s, the IFBF was born and came into existence because of a need for a strong fundamental, separatist, Independent and Baptistic Fellowship to which men of conviction and churches of like faith could adhere; we stand now where we stood then, and we shall continue to steadfastly stand for and upon the once delivered faith, so help us God.

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  1. Thanks, Lou, for posting this resolution from the IFBF. The land of my nativity is articulating the truth and standing firm for that said truth, "earnestly contending for the faith." AMEN and AMEN!

  2. A bit of a follow-up: was reading this morning from This Day in Baptist History vol. II about A. J. Gordon. One of our, as Dr. Beale would phrase it, "fountainheads" of Fundamentalism fathers. He (Gordon, that is) made this statement, "The world's motto is, 'In union there is strength;' the church's motto is, 'In separation there is strength.'"
    Far too many have adopted the world's tools to practice the Truth found in the Bible. This is not sustainable long term; short term, yes, but not long term. Apostasy will come to that entity which desires to use the world's approach to ministry.
    History is littered with the shipwrecked faiths of men and institutions who turned from the Truth, even ever so slightly.

  3. Brian:

    Both of your submissions are very helpful and appreciated. The statement from the IFBF is concise, yet powerful.

    You wrote, “History is littered with the shipwrecked faiths of men and institutions who turned from the Truth, even ever so slightly.”

    I’ve written on that theme earlier. It is as if the men today have convinced themselves they are not going to fail the way all the others before them did who took steps of compromise for the sake of hob-nobbing with compromisers. That is IMO naïve and has an elitist attitude behind it.


  4. this article needs to be seen by all
    Christians. I plan to share this with everyone that I know, and others. The stance taken here is the position that is needed by all true believers everywhere. Thank You Lou!

  5. John:

    Thanks for that comment. You can help spread this good word from the IFBF by linking as many folks as you know to this article. Lord willing they will be better equipped to recognize and reject the rolling back of fidelity to the whole counsel of God being introduced by certain men in fundamental circles.

    Kind regards,


  6. Is there a list available of the men who crafted and voted on this? I think that would be interesting to see.

    David Oestreich

  7. Dave:

    The Resolution was written by Dr. Anthony Slutz, of the Thompson Road Baptist Church. It was a committee of three; Dr. Slutz, Dr. Rick Arrowood, and Dr. Larry Hufhand.