October 15, 2010

IDOTG Review: “This Really Clears Things Up

Dear Guests of IDOTG:

The followng review of my book was written by Stephen Stark and submitted at Amazon. I have reproduced it here for your consideration.

I first encountered the author a few years ago via his blog while researching another matter but never read his book until the most recent revised edition. I recently began to engage Lordship Salvation proponents more actively and found that this book nailed and biblically explained virtually every verse and passage that Lordship proponents attempt to use to support their position. Just reading the introductions, seeing some of Lordship Salvation’s most outrageous claims laid bare, was convincing enough. Chapter-upon-chapter, in very readable style, this book methodically dissects Lordship Salvation’s claims and contrasts them to the clear claims of scripture. This book doesn't just claim Lordship is wrong, it powerfully uses scripture itself to show Lordship Salvation's man-made and exegetically hollow core.

The main point that stood out to me is the chapter on making a proper distinction between Salvation and Discipleship. Lordship Salvation would have us believe that “Salvation is a free gift that will necessarily cost you ‘everything’” is a “paradox” we should accept despite it’s obvious irrationality and lack of biblical support. This view doesn’t square with scripture however and is better resolved as not a paradox at all, but as simply seeing Salvation and Discipleship as the two very different things they are. Scripture couldn’t be more clear: Salvation itself is the free gift of God, but walking IN that salvation (Discipleship) is costly. There is no reason to accept Lordship's “paradox” when a better scriptural explanation is so easily and obviously at hand.

I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone -- whether they agree with Lordship Salvation or not, or even know what it is -- to at least understand the issue and to weigh this most important matter for themselves.

See- What to Expect, 4 for additional recommendations from men such as Dr. Robert Lightner, Dr. Ron Comfort and Ps. George Zeller.

See, John MacArthur’s Discipleship Gospel & Salvation and Discipleship by Dr. Rick Flanders for related study.


  1. It's kind of odd looking back at the last few years, to see how I've changed my view over the last several years. I wasn't "Lordship" but I didn't really see a problem with it either because submitting to Christ's Lordship just sorta "made sense". You, your contacts, and your resources over the years have influenced me now to where distinctions between justification and sanctification, which used to be blurred and hard to distinguish, are now such clearly different things. Odd to think that, in a way, I have Bob Wilkin and researching his error to thank for causing me to stumble across your blog those years ago.

    I'm glad we met, and am thankful for your friendship and influence in the true doctrine of grace.

  2. Stephen:

    That is a real encouragement, what you shared in that comment. I really did have folks like you in mind when I wrote the book. I wanted to define and make sense out of LS for those who were uncertain or unaware of its inherent errors, which are not easily detected because it sounds all to genuine at first look. Then I wanted to provide the biblical answers to LS, hence the subtitle.

    You (and Rachel) have been a blessing and encouragement these 2+ years we've known and cooperated with one another on various projects.

    Yours in Him,


  3. Josh:

    I won't be posting your comment, send it to me via e-mail.


  4. Stephen,

    You said Odd to think that, in a way, I have Bob Wilkin and researching his error to thank for causing me to stumble across your blog those years ago.

    Amen and God be praised that He is able to use whatever to accomplish His great work!

    I believe there are many other people like yourself, who have been able to see the truth more clearly because they've seen both the ways a person can deviate from it examined.