September 22, 2010

A Valid Defense: Review Series of IDOTG, Part 3

Dear Guests of IDOTG:

Today, at his On My Walk blog, Kevin Lane has posted the third of a multi-part review of my book, In Defense of the Gospel: Biblical Answers to Lordship Salvation. Brother Lane has provided this excerpt.

I don’t want to give away the home run that gets hit in this chapter (about 1Thess 1:9-10). But the very first thing about these quotes of MacArthur (in explaining his view of (1Thess 1:9) that Martuneac brings up is:
“Those quotes represent Lordship’s classic misuse of 1Thess 1:9. MacArthur starts by addressing the Greek word metanoia as it is used in the New Testament, and then quotes a verse that does not even contain the word metanoia. The Greek word for ‘to turn’ is completely different; it is epistrepho and means simply ‘to turn, turn to or toward.’ Epistrepho does not mean ‘to repent.’”
I would so much love to write the rest of this portion of the book, because frankly, it really does hit a home run. The purpose of these articles is to introduce readers to the work and give them some idea of what it offers. So, I’ll leave this section by stating that Matuneac explicitly details how 1Thess 1:9 impeaches LS theologians who quote it in support of their fallacious doctrine. He does this using what he calls the “Inspired Commentary” which is the Word of God.
I invite you to visit On My Walk to read Kevin’s third installment of his review series.


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