June 17, 2010

Video Trailer for In Defense of the Gospel

Dear Guests of IDOTG:

To raise greater awareness of the revised and expanded edition of In Defense of the Gospel: Biblical Answers to Lordship Salvation a :34 second video trailer has been produced. The text you will see in the trailer is an excerpt from Dr. Robert Lightner’s endorsement of my book as it appears on the back cover.

If you operate a blog or website would you consider running the embed code for this video trailer? It will take just a few minutes to add the embed code to your site. Would you also consider forwarding this information to other bloggers and/or site owners who you believe may want to share the video trailer?

High profile advocates of Lordship Salvation have a well-oiled marketing machine to spread their message. Their efforts to propagate the works-based message of Lordship Salvation can be counteracted. You can help by making as wide an audience as possible aware of this resource of biblical answers to Lordship Salvation. This new video trailer is an appealing way to raise their awareness.

If you would like the embed code for the trailer please contact me via e-mail me and I will forward it to you.

To order a personal copy of IDOTG, Amazon is the most convenient way. To reach Amazon you may click on the large book image in the upper-left column at the head of this blog and you will be linked to Amazon. To date Amazon has not yet uploaded the new book cover image and details, but orders are being fulfilled with the new revised and expanded edition.

Yours faithfully,

Lou Martuneac

See the thread for an important Site Publisher’s Note in regard to the YouTube embed.


  1. Site Publisher’s Note:
    YouTube (YT) randomly selects what it thinks are similar themes and makes those choices visible in a mini-icon at the bottom of the frame once my trailer ends. YT might choose and offer an icon to a video that may not be, shall I say, edifying to the body of Christ. There is no way I can control these YT feeds. If you would prefer a more secure way to view or allow your site/blog guests to view the new video trailer then use the link alone. The link will play the trailer from a secure YouTube. Once my trailer ends only publisher YouTube videos will appear. See-In Defense of the Gospel

  2. That's a nice video, Lou. Very tastefully done.

    I especially like how it presents the message with a gracious, inviting air. I would want to read the book if I hadn't done so already.


  3. Thanks Jan, I appreciate that. I was very pleased with the video production. There was nothing I felt needed improving.


  4. To All:

    In the thread under Lordship Salvation: “The Great Exchange” the author of the article posted what may be a closing comment (#54) in the discussion thread. In part, for your consideration, he wrote:

    In order to get to Heaven, according to Lordship Salvation, you must do the impossible. I have never met a Christian who has given up all their sins or totally surrendered their full life to the Lord. We are called to do service for Christ, but NEVER is it a requirement to be saved.

    In short, Lordship Salvation is another man-centered message that is based on what I have done, what I am doing, and what I will do. People, our works are NEVER perfect which is why we must trust in the One Whose works are ALWAYS perfect, Jesus Christ.