March 11, 2010

While Appreciating Dave Doran’s Sensitivity...

Dear Guests of IDOTG:

For this morning I had planned to post the second installment of
Let’s Get “CRYSTAL” Clear…, which is my review of Kevin Bauder’s article, Let’s Get Clear on This. Posting of the second installment will be delayed until Friday for the following taking precedence.

Yesterday I was alerted to and have read a statement by Dr. Dave Doran at his Glory & Grace blog. In his current article, These are not the movements you’ve been looking for… the following excerpt appears,

Bob and Lou think I teach a false gospel.”
I am saddened by Dave’s remarks in that, to the best of my recollection, I have never alleged him to “teach a false gospel.” Furthermore, I have to date never personally heard or read Dave Doran “teach a false gospel.”

I apologize if anyone ever thought that I have accused Dave Doran of teaching a false gospel and encourage all persons to read, or who have read the scores of my on-line articles, to let me know if, indeed, that has ever occurred.

While appreciating Dave’s sensitivity and acknowledging his right to post his feelings, let me be very clear- I have never (to the best of my recollection) stated Dave Doran teaches a false gospel.

Kind regards,


Note: Earlier today I sent Dave Doran an e-mail to advise him that I would be posting the above this morning. I also extended to him the same opportunity to provide me with any documented example of my having stated he teaches a false gospel, so that I may apologize.

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