January 2, 2010

Snow-Covered, High Velocity Research

Dear Guests of IDOTG:

The time has come to make my annual pilgrimage to the snow capped peaks of some far away mountain range. I’d like to present this pilgrimage to you as a scientific experiment with an educational value.

I have a passion for testing the velocity capability of two man-made laminated planks on a snow-covered, sharp angle descent when boarded by yours truly. Maximum velocity is achieved by creating as little friction as possible during the descent. This means a great deal of angling the planks on to their steel coated edges.

The occasional misfire generally results in my getting a very close look at the snow-covered descent, otherwise known as the “face-plant,” superbly demonstrated to the right.

To the left- Yours truly at 23. Yes, kids we did dress that way for Spring skiing and it was a very “cool” look then. Check out the “groovy” wind shirt and “far out” Foster Grant shades.

After I return, with all my parts in the right places Lord willing, I’ll begin publishing again. Until then…

Yours faithfully,

Lou Martuneac

*I’ll be looking in as time and Internet connectivity permit.


  1. Outstanding... though I favor a snowboard myself.

    Go fast but take care brother, we'll keep the light on for ya.

  2. Figures... what do I read first on my first day back to work?

    I used to like Lou... USED to. :D

    Bless you!!! Have fun, stay safe (not so safe that you don't THINK you're gonna get hurt though) and ditto Stephen's comments.


  3. Hey Kev, welcome back to work! I came to work today too. I 'm thankful for my job but, man, I sure enjoyed the last 10 days with family and would much rather still be home with them.

    Lou, I notice that you didn't specifically state that the picture on the right is NOT you. I think I see some resemblance, care to quelch the rumors? ;-)

    Very nice pic though... heh heh... been there done that... though it was on a snowboard and I actually knocked myself out for a few minutes... strangest feeling of my entire life to come-to on a mountain and, for several minutes, I had absolutely no idea who I was or how I had gotten there. Snowboard had caught on a rock or something and I was slammed own hard. Luckily my brothers were nearby and took care of me until I came back to my senses.

    Explains a lot, doesn't it. ;-)

  4. Stephen:

    Checking in.

    Lou, I notice that you didn't specifically state that the picture on the right is NOT you. I think I see some resemblance, care to quelch the rumors? ;-)

    QUELCH! Funny pic though. Looks like 70's garb. One day I'll tell you about real face plant I did about 6 years ago. SPLAT!

    Goggles around my neck, hat gone, bleeding from two cuts. Equipment in a 20' radius from me, a real yard sale I assure you.

    Got up, collected my stuff reaffixed the planks and off I went- FOR A Cup of HOT Cocoa. Oh yeah, and bought a helmet.


  5. Kev:

    Figures... what do I read first on my first day back to work?

    Oh it's real tough out there. Really suffering; Where are my slippers. ;-)


  6. Have fun, Lou.

    Try not to break anything.

    (I know. I'm such a girl.)


  7. I love it! This year I'm laid up with a herniated disc, but Lord willing I'll be back to skiing and boarding next year. The groovy pics of you at 23 really serve to humanize you, and I'm really enjoying this other side to you. Happy New Year, and best wishes for the next decade!

  8. Hey, how's that research comin', Foster "Terminal velocity" Grant?

  9. Hi Everyone:

    Just got back, had a great time. Everything still in the right place and in working order.

    Got to demo some new planks from K2. Liked them, but a bit wobbly at high speeds.

    Thanks for the er- uhh, "genuine" concern.


  10. I mean...

    "Mr. Foster Grant" to you.


  11. Joshua:

    Thanks for the note. Sorry about the disc, painful I know, I've had one. Hopefully, you'll make it out this year.

    Ski & board; very nice. One of my kids used to bug, I mean encourage, me to try a board. Two reasons why not:

    1) Painful learning curve those first few days.

    2) I'd probably like it, then go out and buy everything for, which is pricy.

    I do notice that the boarders these days are wearing the "groovy" lookin' clothes. Strong attraction for me, ya know, but then they might say I've gone "Neo." ;-)

    Thanks for the note and return New Year's greetings to you as well.