December 8, 2008

The Issue of Incongruity: Actual or Artificial (ReDUX)

Dear Guests:

For the balance on the Christmas season I am going to reproduce the compelling series by Pastor Dennis Rokser titled,
The Issue of Incongruity: Actual or Artificial.

The series first ran May through June of this year (2008). In my opinion, this article is one of the most convincing Bible based polemics in the debate over the
Crossless & Deityless interpretation of the Gospel that was originated by professor Zane Hodges (1932-2008).

The bottom line question addressed in series by Pastor Rokser articles is:

Does the Bible allow for an incongruity or difference between the CONTENT OF THE GOSPEL message which is to be faithfully PREACHED and the content of SAVING FAITH post-Calvary which must be BELIEVED in order to have eternal life today?”
The Issue of Incongruity: Actual or Artificial removes any doubt as to the indefensibility of what is the Grace Evangelical Society’s reductionist interpretation of the content of saving faith.

Pastor Rokser’s series will begin with the introduction tomorrow afternoon. Come back and see how Pastor Rokser hammers shut the coffin of incongruity and burns this straw man.


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