September 29, 2008

New Exegetical Defenses Against “REDEFINED” Free Grace Theology’s “Crossless” Gospel

Dear Guests:

There are four new articles that either have been or will be published shortly. Two of the four that have been posted. They are:

1) Pastor Tom Stegall’s 7th installment in his series titled, The Tragedy of the “Crossless” Gospel.

2) From Dave at the Free Grace Believer blog his opening article on the Crossless gospel titled, What Gospel Do You Preach?

First The Tragedy of the “Crossless” Gospel, Part 7. The following excerpt is essentially the thesis statement for this article.

In fact, when it comes to being evangelistic in purpose, the Gospel of Luke in particular presents a stiff challenge to the crossless claim that John is the only evangelistic book in the Bible. This is based on the twofold testimony of Luke’s prologue in Luke 1:1-4 and the actual content of Luke-Acts. Luke is one of only a few books in the New Testament that has an explicit “purpose statement” (John 20:31; 1 John 1:4; Jude 3). And a careful, fair-minded reading of this purpose statement in Luke’s prologue (1:1-4) must leave open the possibility that Luke was written evangelistically to an unbeliever named Theophilus, who having been informed previously about Jesus Christ, still lacked the certainty and assurance that Luke’s authoritative account could provide.

It must be remembered that the crossless-saving-faith position
cannot permit Luke to have an evangelistic purpose, whereas the “traditional” Free Grace perspective can permit either an evangelistic or an edificational purpose. So what is Luke’s purpose? Does the exegetical evidence point to, or even permit, an evangelistic purpose for the Gospel of Luke?
You may download in PDF the complete the article by visiting the Grace Family Journal and scrolling down to Summer 2008.

The previous articles (1-6) in the series by Pastor Stegall were intended to alert people to the problem of the Crossless gospel, to raise awareness without necessarily disproving it. Part 7, however, marks the beginning of the exegetical defense stage of the biblical and historic Free Grace view of the gospel. Parts 8-9 will also be available online in a few short upcoming weeks.

The second article, What Gospel Do You Preach? can be viewed at the Free Grace Believer blog. Following is a sample, from Dave’s article.
Do you preach the gospel that was given to Paul by the revelation of Jesus Christ? Let me ask you, would Paul have left out the mentioning of the cross of Christ when he presented the lost the gospel? Was Paul’s message to the lost, “He that believeth on Him hath everlasting life” apart from the preaching of the cross to them? Can such a message of “He that believeth” be presented to a sinner without telling him of a Savior that died for him? I’m not asking whether you believe in the cross of Christ, but whether or not the lost can be saved apart from any knowledge of the cross that Paul preached?
The two articles waiting in the wings will both be reviews of, The Hydra’s Other Head: Theological Legalists by Zane Hodges. One review will be presented by Rachel at her The Land of Reason blog. The other is being prepared by Dennis Rokser, senior Pastor of the Duluth Bible Church, and will appear at the Grace Family Journal. As these upcoming reviews become available I will announce and link you to them.

We must not rest or relent in our defense of the Gospel against the twin errors of Lordship Salvation and the Crossless gospel. Both are corruptions of the one true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Lordship Salvation errs by additions that frustrate grace, the Crossless gospel errs through reductionist assaults on the Person and finished work of Jesus Christ.



  1. Great articles…
    You’ll need to drink a cup of coffee with the reading of Tom’s article because it requires a clear mind. With Dave’s article you need a tissue to wipe the spray from your computer screen from uttering “amen” so many times. Thanks for publishing these links and getting a clear free grace message out.
    Bret Nazworth

  2. Bret:

    I’m delighted you found these articles so helpful.

    What Dave wrote is so crystal in his understanding of the Gospel and the reductionist GES errors that assault it you'd think he'd been studying this for years.

    However, he came to his conclusions from just over a week of exposure to the Crossless gospel by some of its advocates and sympathizers who posted at his blog.

    Rose tried repeatedly tried to tell Dave that the teaching of the Crossless gospel and its advocates were being misrepresented. Of course, when Dave asked for proof of misrepresentation none was forthcoming. When Antonio posted his one comment before ducking out when Dave ask for him to answer one clarifying question, the proof that there had been no misrepresentation was sealed.

    Cries of misrepresentation is the failed mantra of those who seek to redirect the discussion away from the reductionist heresy and promote unity with the GES at the expense of fidelity to the Scriptures which forbid that kind of alliance.


  3. To All:

    Our blog partner in defense of the Gospel Kevl has posted a new article at On My Walk The title, Is There Any Question?

    This is how Kevl opens his article:

    “In defense of their ‘Redefined Free Grace Gospel’ members of the GES and it’s community of sympathizers will often ask this hypothetical question;

    What if a person on an tropical island is only told that Jesus will guarantee their eternal life and they believe Him for it? Is that person saved by grace through their faith in Jesus’?”

    I invite you read Kevl’s new article.


  4. Hey thanks for the plug Brother!


  5. Dear Guests:

    I have some exciting news! Mr. Greg Schliesmann is preparing a review of The Hydra’s Other Head: Theological Legalists by Zane Hodges. In just a few days Greg’s review will be posted here as a feature article.

    Greg has contributed a number of articles here that have devastated the reductionist teaching of Hodges, Wilkin and the GES. For example you can read Greg’s two part series, The “Christ” Under Siege and The “Christ” Under Siege: The New Assault from the GES.

    You might also view Greg’s series, False Paradigms of the “Crossless” Gospel, Part 1 & Part 2.

    Once you read those samples from Brother Schliesmann you will better recognize and understand the egregious reductionist errors of Zane Hodges and Bob Wilkin.

    Check back for Greg Schliesmann’s review of Zane Hodges’s polarizing article, The Hydra’s Other head: Theological Legalists.