July 16, 2008

New Articles Scheduled for Publishing

Dear Guests:

Beginning on Monday, July 21st the first of five new articles will be posted. These articles will be touching on themes that include Lordship Salvation and the Crossless Gospel.

One offering is a two part series provided by a well-known theologian in Free Grace circles. In his series, among other considerations, the writer documents from his own personal eyewitness perspective the slide of Zane Hodges into worsening reductionist views of the Gospel and related theology.

Another article, submitted by a non-Free Grace individual, will be a review of Bob Wilkins’s article Scavenger Hunt Salvation Without a List.

One will be on the theme of The Necessity of Forbidden Fellowship.

There will also be a new article that addresses a specific theme in all three editions of John MacArthur’s major Lordship Salvation apologetics The Gospel According to Jesus.

These artcles will be compelling, some will stir passions in the Lordship and Crossless camps. All will be very helpful discussions In Defense of the Gospel.

Yours faithfully,



  1. These are articles that sound very intriguing. I will look forward to reading them.

  2. Liam:

    There is something for everyone in these upcoming articles.

    I am glad to see that we are engaging Lordship Salvation once again as well.

    The need to expose and refute the Crossless gospel of the Grace Evangelical Society was an important issue and will remain a matter to be watched. It is gratifying to see that the GES appears to have totally retreated to within their own shrinking sphere of influence. The most vocal and vitriolic voices for the heresy of the Crossless gospel have retreated and/or gone silent. Nevertheless, we need to be careful that Crossless teaching does not reach out and cause any more believers or churches to be deceived and caught up in their egregious errors.

    The two-part series that is scheduled will be another powerful expose of how Hodges departed from orthodoxy and lead Wilkin along with the GES to follow him into error.


  3. To All:

    I have been reading John MacArthur’s latest edition of The Gospel According to Jesus.

    If you have MacArthur’s latest edition of The Gospel According to Jesus, in the first chapter you will note that he is conditioning salvation on the sinner’s commitment to perform what is expected of a “slave” (disciple) of Christ. He says the Gospel is, “an invitation to slavery…begins with unconditional surrender.”

    MacArthur addresses in the chapter what it means to be a disciple of Christ. He references passages that are applied and speaking to disciples, those who had already been born again. The application is about how one who is saved should live as a disciple “slave” of Jesus Christ. That is a solid interpretation of what should be the life and commitment to Christ of a born again Christian. I agree with any man who says this is, “what it means to be a Christian.”

    MacArthur, however, twists these passages into a message of what is required to BECOME A CHRISTIAN. That is where Lordship Salvation departs from the truth and becomes a “false Gospel” that conditions eternal life on works.