May 2, 2008

New Series: The Issue of Incongruity

Dear Guests:

Beginning on Monday morning a new series will be introduced. The title of this multi-part series, which you may have noted above is, The Issue of Incongruity.

The series has been written by *Pastor Dennis Rokser of the Duluth Bible Church. Pastor Rokser is chief editor of the Grace Family Journal.

It has been my pleasure to have met and interact with Pastor Rokser. We first met at the 2007 Grace Conference at the Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church (Dr. James Scudder, Senior Pastor). Pastor Rokser and I have discussed our joint concerns with the Lordship and Crossless interpretations of the Gospel.

In his series, Pastor Rokser will be answering this defining question:

Does the Bible allow for an INCONGRUITY between the Gospel preached and the content of saving faith?
Be sure to check back on Monday for the first installment of this new series.


* Pastor/Teacher Dennis Rokser came to trust the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior at the age of 18 through the faithful witness of some friends. Upon later attending Beacon Bible Church in Aurora, Minnesota, he was spiritually fed and grounded in the Word of God through the expository, grace-oriented bible-teaching of Pastor Leonard A. Radtke. Dennis was further prepared for the ministry by attending Appalachian Bible College in Bradley, West Virginia, along with graduate studies from Tyndale Theological Seminary. Dennis Rokser has been pastoring the Duluth Bible Church for 23 years. He oversees the Grace Institute of Biblical Studies (15 years) and has been the chief editor of the Grace Family Journal (11 years). I encourage all readers to visit the Grace Family Journal, which is a ministry of the Duluth Bible Church. There are many excellent articles there on a variety of issues awaiting your review.


  1. "Does the Bible allow for an INCONGRUITY between the Gospel preached and the content of saving faith?"

    Not if the Gospel is "the message preached to saved those who believe" (1 Cor. 1:21).


  2. Jon:

    This series is going to go right to the heart of the Crossless gospel controversy. What the lost must believe to be born again.

    It is that part of the discussion that CG advocates have tried to avoid and hide from. Always quick to claim they preach certain truths, but they reject the idea that the lost must believe these truths they allege to preach.