April 19, 2008

Is Johnson Defending or Denying His Plagiarism? Yes!

Dear Guests:

Before I post the third example of Mr. Johnson’s blatant plagiarism I want to review his reaction. In the thread under Jim Johnson’s Plagiarism, Part 2 several men and I have been discussing Mr. Johnson’s plagiarism, his combativeness, denials and scoffing, and what the Rocky Mountain Bible College reaction might be to their Instructor’s mass plagiarism.

Greg Schliesmann posted a pretty good and concise summation that I am reproducing here.

Another thought that comes to mind is that online, in the public, you have a man who not only committed plagiarism but also continues to defend it. In fact, it is glaringly obvious to everyone I’ve interacted with that Mr. Johnson is in denial. Even when he got caught and “apologized” for his first instance of plagiarism, he did not even admit to or take down the other articles he plagiarized in the same series. His so-called apology went only as far as he thought you revealed.

Now, keep in mind, Mr. Johnson is in a position where Rocky Mountain Bible College is asking Bible students to submit to him as a Bible instructor. How can any Bible college administration ask their students to submit to a teacher-
1) who is delusional,
2) who has a martyr complex,
3) who displays a lack of ability to understand an article he critiques,
4) who is promoting the crossless gospel,
5) who displays elitist and self-glorifying behavior, and
6) who is defending his own plagiarism with a combative attitude?

Mr. Johnson should be an outstanding example for his students. Instead, he is a plagiarizer.

Recently, Mr. Johnson called us “terrorists.” Now surely this is absurd. And I would never imply the same thing about Mr. Johnson. But, ironically, a funny comparison comes to mind...

If you pay attention to current events, you’ll often hear Iranian President and terrorist vacillate between denying the Holocaust and admitting it happened (but claiming Israel still shouldn’t exist). Recently, he questioned whether the terrorist attacks of September 11th really happened. Well, that reminded me of how Jim Johnson simultaneously denied and defended his plagiarism. Right in the same paragraph, he denies it (as though it did not happen) and defends it (as though he admits it happened but should not be blamed since he is not financially profiting from it). These men just cannot face reality.

How can a Bible college ask its students to submit to such as a man as their instructor in the Word of God?
So that the magnitude of Johnson’s plagiarism is not missed, in the upcoming example, I will demonstrate from that third example, just how much of it is made up of plagiarized/stolen material. If you are under the impression we are getting worked-up over small sound bytes having been lifted by Johnson, you will be stunned by the level and magnitude of plagiarzed material Johnson inserted in the next example from his series Destroying Free Grace Theology.



  1. Greg:

    You wrote, “Another thought that comes to mind is that online, in the public, you have a man who not only committed plagiarism but also continues to defend it.”

    Honestly, Jim Johnson is so all-over-the-board I can’t be sure if he is denying or defending his plagiarism. Seems to be a combination of both and at the same time.

    Johnson’s ego is so huge, and he lives within an aura of theological greatness he has boasted of himself that I think he is unable/unwilling to accept that he is mortal. IMO, this is why he fights and attacks, when humility and repentance would be the reaction of a Spirit-filled man.

    Antonio da Rosa (aka- Sock Puppet: fg me) has long since destroyed his own reputation, but it took months for him to do it. In 2007 he was caught plagiarizing Hodges. For months da Rosa denied and then dismissed it as no big deal. Then he refused to apologize until he was publicly confronted by the administrator of the blog where he (Antonio) did the plagiarizing. His latest stunt, which ended with his apparently being forced to delete his FGA Leader article is only the latest in a long line of bad behavior choices. See In the “Trick Bag”.

    Mr. Johnson, however, destroyed his credibility and reputation in one fell swoop. Any chance for recovery of his reputation and testimony has been lost by his ultra-combative reaction.

    My point is that the behavior, character and reputation of the Crossless men is in free fall.

    They are their own worst enemies and blight on the name of Christ.


  2. Lou,

    I just posted a new article on my blog Free Grace Free Speech called "Jim Johnson Denies Mass Plagiarism". I critique some of Johnson's latest denials and urge him to repent.


  3. UPDATE:

    Fellow blogger, Jon Perreault, has posted a new article that examines Jim Johnson's denials of the obvious plagiarism in his series, Destroying Free Grace Theology.

    I urge you to read Jim Johnson Denies Mass Plagiarism