January 11, 2008

Upcoming Articles

Dear Guests:

By way of update I am preparing several new articles that will appear shortly.

In mid-2007 I wrote an article that was published at a major Christian blog. Events of recent weeks caused me to recollect that article. That article opens with this quotation,

Few people walk away from the faith suddenly. Usually it is an incremental series of compromises that eventually tear down the absolute authority of Scripture.”

The administrators of the blog where my article first appeared gave me permission to reprint here. My intention is to post that article on Monday morning.

Another article has been written by a man who is a new, first time contributor to the “Crossless” gospel debate. He will be addressing some of the most disturbing aspects of the Hodges, Wilkin, Myers, da Rosa, (GES) “Crossless” interpretation of the gospel. The article is thoroughly documented.

This new article will reveal and respond to the unusual claims and unwarranted deductions that GES men use to arrive at their reductionist, non-saving message. This is a powerful expose and poignant refutation of the GES interpretation of the Gospel.

I want to leave off for now with the following. An acquaintance of mine, who is a highly trained theologian and pastor of a local church, has been reviewing the Zane Hodges “Crossless” view of the Gospel. In a recent discussion he made this observation.

“I read Hodge’s document, How to Lead People to Christ about two years ago. Before I ever heard of the concept ‘crossless gospel’, I had determined from the reading of Hodges’ writings that he was heretical on the content of the gospel, repentance, and the nature of saving faith.

What I appreciate about Hodges is his consistency. He is consistently wrong! He dumbs down faith to mere assent. He eliminates repentance from faith completely. He removes the concept of Lord from Christ as an object of faith, and finally he completes his error by removing the necessity of the deity of Christ and the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ as part of the content of the Gospel. What do you have left with all of this removed from the ‘kerugma’ of the Gospel? Practically nothing!

Hodges has been the champion of lost causes, and of causes that should be lost.”


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