December 14, 2007

New Series by Greg Schliesmann

Dear Guests:

Earlier this year Mr. Greg Schliesmann wrote a comment that addressed one of the more egregious errors of the “Crossless” gospel. His comment appeared in the thread of a Crossless blog and had essentially been lost there. Last week I happened to find it and believed it is relevant to the current discussions. At my request Greg has taken that comment and expanded into a multi-part series.

Greg’s original comment was in response to several statements by advocates of the “Crossless” gospel that are as unusual and out-of-balance as you will ever read on the “The Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

The first in the series will be posted no Monday morning. The balance of Greg’s series will follow on successive days.

To best appreciate what Greg has developed will require more than a cursory read. I want to kindly encourage every guest, especially those of you who may be on the fence or have already adopted the Hodges’ “Crossless” interpretation of the Gospel, to approach Greg’s series as a study.

Please approach the series with this mind set: If the Holy Spirit shows me something that I may have misunderstood or misinterpreted I will respond to Him.


*Please view both of Greg's previous series:

False Paradigms of the “Crossless” Gospel

The “Christ” Under Siege

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