July 19, 2007

No Laughing Matter!


Yesterday one of my guests directed me to a site that has posted a review of an article in which Rick Warren (Pastor of the Saddleback Church and founder of the Purpose Driven [Seeker] movement) recently committed another serious abuse of the Bible.

The article where this is detailed is located at Extreme Theology. The article is titled; Warren’s Use of Scripture is No Laughing Matter.

What you will read is not a new revelation of Rick Warren’s misuse of the Scriptures. It is just another example of his consistent pattern of abusing and twisting the Word of God to suit his pragmatic needs.

The source of Warren’s most recent abuse of the Bible is found at The Christian Post. There is a comment thread that follows the article. It is this article that Extreme Theology refers to and its contents reviewed.

I also come across this article and recommend its reading.

In the Style over substance article this excerpt appears,

One of the most disappointing aspects of Warren’s ‘Purpose Driven’ teachings is his heavy reliance on the paraphrased Bible by Eugene Peterson called The Message. Though promoted as a ‘reading Bible’ instead of a ‘study Bible’, The Message is a very flawed interpretation of God’s Word no matter how one uses it.”
Finally for today I want to recommend a book I have in my personal library and is listed in my Recommended Books section to the left. Redefining Christianity: Understanding the Purpose Driven Movement.

If anyone wants a thorough understanding of just how far askew of the Bible that Rick Warren’s philosophy and methods are he/she should read DeWaay’s book.

On the back cover is this comment,
Bob DeWaay clearly demonstrates that Rick Warren strips the faith of key doctrines, accessorizes it with human wisdom, turns it into a journey of self discovery, and sells it to the unsuspecting world as ‘Christianity.’”
DeWaay’s book is as penetrating and powerful an exposure of the gross errors in Warren’s Purpose Driven philosophy and methods as The Godmakers was in exposing the Mormon Church.

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