December 18, 2006

Surf the Blog Archives

I think most folks who visit a blog probably don’t spend much time surfing the month-by-month archives to see what articles might be there. I have a made a point to surf other site's archives and I have found some real treasures this way.

Just after its release In Defense of the Gospel generated a great deal of attention and debate across a broad spectrum of evangelical Christianity. Because of all the activity I posted quite a few articles that appear in my October and November archives.

Because many of the articles are archived they don’t readily appear on this page. Unfortunately visitors who don’t search the archives could miss something that might have been very beneficial to him/her.

I want to encourage everyone to click on the archives and look for an article that may be of interest to you. Following are samples titles of what you will find in the October and November archives. As always feel free to post a comment in any of threads that follow.

Did the Apostles Preach Lordship Salvation?

The Rich Young Ruler

Lordship Salvation's “Barter” System

The Relationship Between God’s Grace & Lordship Legalism

MacArthur’s Costly Salvation

MacArthur’s Discipleship Gospel

There Is No Straw Man

What Was Missed in the Discussion?

Opening Statement for the Pulpit Magazine Review

Lordship’s Out of Order Salvation

Important Contribution at Sharper Iron

Did Dr. MacArthur MisState His Position?

Merry Christmas,



  1. These look like very good articles. I will be sure to check them out.

    In His fellowship,
    Brother John

  2. Hi J.

    I do hope you find some of these helpful. Feel free to post any reaction or feedback.

    Yours faithfully,