January 10, 2024

2024 BJU CoRE Conference Speakers

Following Steve Pettit's departure from BJU we ask if his agenda to proliferate Reformed & Covenant theologies on campus remain a priority. We may have the answer from the speaker line up for BJU's 2024 CoRE Conference.

LtR: Doran, Jordan, Dever, Bauder, Harbin
Tim Jordan
: Retired pastor of Calvary Baptist Church at Lansdale, PA. Jordan received his training at Northland Baptist Bible College, Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary (CBTS), and Westminster Theological Seminary. In 1976, Tim's Fundamentalist father, Robert (Chief) Jordan (1925-2009), founded CBTS. In 1986, Tim succeeded his father, as pastor of Calvary Baptist. In 2014, after thirty-eight years of life, CBTS suffered closure, due to weak finances and its moving into New (Broad) Evangelicalism. 

Chancellor Tim Jordan and President Sam Harbin marched CBTS to its death knell by bringing in New Evangelical speakers such as Haddon Robinson and Mark Dever. Haddon Robinson (1931-2017) had been the President of Denver Conservative Baptist Seminary (now Denver Seminary) for twelve years. Mark Dever (b. 1960) is a Reformed theologian and pastor of the SBC church, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, in Washington, DC. He is President of 9Marks, formerly “Center for Church Reform.” In Reformed Theology, there is no biblical future for Israel; such future promises merely pass on as spiritual promises to the Church. Such is included in Dever’s Center for Church Reform. Dever is, furthermore, amillennial in his eschatology.1

CBS Hosts New Evangelical Haddon Robinson

Daniel Dionne MD, in Spokane, Washington, is a certified counselor by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC), an example of Broad Evangelicalism. See Speakers

See weak Doctrine of the Church

Stuart Scott, Professor of Biblical Counseling at Bob Jones University and Seminary, is also the Member Care Director of the ACBC. Scott received his BA at Columbia International University. He received a MDiv at Grace Theological Seminary, a MTh at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and his DMin at Covenant Theological Seminary.

Scott’s current website reports that he still teaches graduate courses adjunctly at John MacArthur’s Master University in Santa Clarita, CA.  For nine years, Scott served as pastor of counseling at MacArthur’s Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA.

Scott has a ministry called “One-Eighty Ministries,” and among his most “trusted and faithful advisors” are SBC pastors. On July 6, 2022, Dr. Alan Benson wrote of Stuart Scott, “His careful scholarship and thought leadership exemplify our promise of uncompromised, next-level teaching. Dr. Scott will serve as director of biblical counseling.” See: BJU News

Stuart Scott is no true Fundamentalist. Scott is an Evangelical, at the head of the Division of Graduate Studies in BJU Seminary. See- One-Eighty Ministries & BJU Seminary

In past conferences we've observed the pattern of featuring almost exclusively Reformed speakers. The speakers invited to BJU's 2024 CoRE Conference strongly suggests Acting CEO Alan Benson and current BJU leadership remain committed to erasing the university's fundamentalist, separatist legacy and to Steve Pettit’s proliferation and advancement of Reformed and Covenant theologies. 


1) Mark Dever is amillennial believing there will be no 1,000 year reign of Christ (with His saints) on Earth. He is among the leading voices in the so-called "conservative" evangelical camp. Groups like T4G, The Gospel Coalition, Desiring God is an assembly of men, who for unity around Calvinism and their Lordship Salvation interpretation of the gospel, routinely tolerate, allow for, ignore and excuse numerous doctrinal aberrations and worldly expressions of worship.

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