July 11, 2006

Introduction by the Author

The Lordship Salvation controversy continues to provoke debate across a broad spectrum of Evangelical Christianity. For much of the last 15 years advocates of Lordship Salvation have dominated the forum. Few resources have been available to those who are alarmed over the spread of the Lordship interpretation of the gospel.

A defense of the gospel has been sorely needed. This book is that defense!

I have dealt extensively with this subject since 1996, and been involved with the debate since 1989. In this the book I answer many questions that comprise the debate from a balanced biblical perspective. Key Bible passages and major doctrines such as: faith, repentance, and belief are studied in depth. Related issues such as: Calvinism, carnality, discipleship and contending for the faith are given serious consideration.

At the outset of this blog I want to make clear several important matters so there is no misunderstanding or misinterpretation of my doctrinal positions.

First, many have been alarmed at the increasingly meaningless presentation of a gospel that seems to ignore the person of Christ, the sinfulness of man and the pending judgment of God. This gospel calls men to salvation when they have been given only a vague idea of just what they need to be saved from. This is the so-called Easy-Believism gospel. Let me say I do not hold to an Easy-Believism approach and would admonish those who seek quick, easy decisions for Christ to rethink their position. My book, however, has been produced to address the other extreme, namely, Lordship Salvation.

Second, in regard to Calvinism and Arminianism: I reject the erroneous suggestion that one must be Arminian or Calvinist. Stated plainly: I do not identify with the theology of John Calvin (Calvinism) or Jacobus Arminius (Arminianism). My desire is to simply stand where the Bible stands, whether or not that identifies me with a particular system of theology.

Third, I do not identify with many of the doctrinal positions of the Grace Evangelical Society championed by Zane Hodges and Bob Wilkin. I even go so far as to warn my readers about Zane Hodges and name some of his books to be careful with.

Fourth, I make no room for and do not stand for the loose living of some professing believers. There will always be carnal Christians in our churches. These need to be counseled, prayed for and guided to live a life that is a shining testimony of the grace of God in their lives. I believe in the eternal security of every genuine born again child of God. I believe there ought to be evidence of regeneration and a new life born of the Spirit. The loose living of some professing believers has frustrated many of us. It has, however, caused some men to react by changing the terms of the gospel, which has lead to a rise in the advocacy of the Lordship Salvation interpretation of the gospel, and this is wrong. You won't make the problem of carnal Christians go away by changing the terms of the gospel.

May I suggest before you begin to post comments or reviews take the time to read my book. Do not let another reader form an opinion, and then adopt that opinion as your own. Read and reflect on what I have written, then state your opinion. I understand that since I have written this book I am fair game. Take the time to read what I have written and let your posts be from your own reading and drawn conclusions. This way you are less likely to post something that you might be embarrassed about later.

In Defense of the Gospel is thoroughly researched, well organized, well documented, and clearly presented. This volume will be a valuable study and reference tool for the pastor, layman or college classroom.

May God bless you and I trust you will receive some blessing from what I have presented in my book: In Defense of the Gospel.