August 19, 2023

BJU Partners With Tim Challies

BJU (the seminary) is in partnership with Tim Challies, a non-separatist evangelical, Reformed theologian. See- Challies

This partnership with Challies demonstrates the BJU administration is committed to former president Steve Pettit’s agenda for:
  • Erasing BJU's fundamentalist, separatist legacy
  • Embracing compromising evangelicals
  • Accelerating the proliferation of Reformed theology
Partnership with and advertising at Challies, furthermore, demonstrates BJU pins its survivability on expanding on-going recruiting efforts of and pandering to the evangelicals.

1 comment:

  1. We've seen this play out before, and we know how it ends. Have they learned nothing from Tennessee Temple? From Northland? When enrollment began to wane they panicked, hired consultants, and tried to "enlarge their base." But Evangelicals don't want anything to do with BJU, and they have their own schools. The push to enlarge their base only alienated the base they already had. Would the better option have been to simply operate a smaller school that was still true to its mission and base? What happened to standing without apology? Instead they became desperate, and no one likes that. It should also be added - Bob Jones III was there for all of it. He was the chancellor, he was on the board. How did he allow this to get so out of hand?