May 5, 2020

Bob Jones University...Then & Now Series

Brother Machen White has posted a new article at the Musings of a Fundamentalist blog. There is a series of articles there under the heading, BJU…Then & Now.

“On Tuesday May 12, 2020 CLC will be hosting two special guests for its annual fundraising event; NGU president Gene Fant and…Dr. Steve Pettit of BJU. By participating in this event, [Steve] Pettit is not only solidifying his position of fellowship with highly compromised SBC Gene Fant, he also, along with [Sam] Horn and Bobby Wood, finds himself shoulder-to-shoulder in ministry cooperation with new evangelicals and apostates.”

For the complete article see, BJU...Then & Now: North Greenville University

This revelation further cements a tragic reality, which is: Steve Pettit continues to transform Bob Jones University into an ecumenical, non-separatist school.


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